The Hannah Swanson Interview

Last update June 30, 2001

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This interview with Hannah Swanson
was conducted via E-Mail by Ade Bundy,
with the help and permission of Leslie Swanson.

 Hannah Swanson

Hannah Swanson in "Requiem for a Chevyweight, Part 1" (1107)

Hannah played the character of "Young Kelly Bundy" in the 'Married... with Children' episode; "Requiem for a Chevyweight" (part 1). Hannah's portrayal of Kelly was an important one; because the scene explains why Kelly, a once intelligent child, grew up to have such a fascination for shiny objects.

Hannah was born in Torrance, CA on February 20, 1989 and lives with her parents, older brother John, and two family pets: a golden retriever named Sugar and a Chinese Pug named Maggie. Hannah has appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies, including:

Music Country (f.k.a. Twang)
Mighty Joe Young; A Bug's Life (voice only); The Haunting (voice only)
Married... with Children; Everybody Loves Raymond; All Dogs Go To Heaven:
The Series (voice only)
Universal Studios, JC Penney; Mattel and Children's Hospital.
Milkfuls; Perdue Entrees; McDonald's; JC Penney (voice only)

ADE) Did you know of, or even like to watch 'Married... with Children' before you went to the audition?
HANNAH) Yes, my family had watched the show before I got the part.
ADE) Were you confident that you would land the role of "Young Kelly" because of your close resemblance to the character?
HANNAH) No, it was a big surprise when I got the part. I really wasn't aware of a close resemblance. I remember being a little concerned that my eye color didn't match Christina's.
ADE) Can you give us some idea of How many other hopefuls auditioned for "Young Kelly"?
HANNAH) I'm not sure how many actresses were at the first call, but there were a lot of girls arriving as I was leaving (it's a long walk back to the car at FOX). Although, I'm pretty sure that only about eight or ten girls were at the call back.
ADE) What did you have to do at the audition?
HANNAH) I performed my scene in a conference room in front of about eleven people.
ADE) Who were they?
HANNAH) I think they were the writers and producers. I only know the name of the casting director, Rick Millikan.
ADE) How long did you have to wait before they told you that you had won the part?
HANNAH) The call backs were on a Wednesday and I found out on Friday when my mom picked me up from school. I remember screaming and bouncing up and down in my seat.
ADE) For how long have you been acting?
HANNAH) I have been acting since I was seven years old.
ADE) Are any of your friends, or family, in show business too?
HANNAH) My brother did a graduate student film when he was 9. He only went to about 10 auditions before he decided he didn't like show business and quit. It's not for everyone.
ADE) Is 'acting' your dream profession?
HANNAH) Yes, I have known I wanted to act since I saw the Nutcracker when I was five. I came home and asked my mom if I could be an actress. It took her about two years to get me started because she didn't know anything about the business.
ADE) Who 'manages' your career?
HANNAH) Sharon Newman is my manager. She has managed me for five years.
ADE) Do you have an Agent?
HANNAH) Abrams Artists Agency is my new agent. I just moved over to them on January 25, 2000. They represent me exclusively for theatrical, voice-overs and commercials.
ADE) What is your favourite role that you would liked to have played, or Movie that you would have liked to have been in?
HANNAH) I went to producers for a sitcom called "Ladies Man." I really wanted that part at the time. I also auditioned for a movie called Bicentennial Man. It would have been very exciting to do a movie with Robin Williams. I just recently auditioned for a movie of the week called "Sharing the Secret." I really like this project and would like to be a part of it.
ADE) What did you do to develop your 'Kelly' character: Did you watch some "Married... with Children" episodes, or perhaps; get advice from Christina Applegate, who plays the senior 'Kelly Bundy'?
HANNAH) I simply followed what the script and director requested. It wasn't a large scene, but it was fun to act intelligent and then become an airhead. At the time I did the scene, I didn't know what the "shiny, shiny shoes" had to do with anything. I hadn't seen enough episodes to pick up on that.
ADE) Did you like the Bundy actors, especially Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal?
HANNAH) Everyone was very nice, but Christina Applegate and Ted McGinley really went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.
ADE) Was it easy to rehearse with them?
HANNAH) At first I was nervous, but then I settled in.
ADE) Are you nervous when you have to play in front of an audience?
HANNAH) I still get a little nervous, but I'm comfortable once I get out there. I didn't perform my Married... with Children scene in front of a live audience, though. It was pre-taped because of the preparation needed to make Ed and Katey appear younger.
ADE) Did they announce you as a 'guest artist' at the beginning of the show, and what happened at the end of the show?
HANNAH) They announced my name at the end of the show. Then Christina held me on her hip and we waved to the audience. The audience was clapping and screaming and it was really exciting. Christina was very nice to me while I worked on the show. Later on after the show while I was getting an autograph from Ted McGinley, a little boy asked my mom if he could have my autograph. I gave him my very first autograph and it felt real nice.
ADE) Is it more pleasant for you to play on a movie set?
HANNAH) Yes, I really like movie sets. Normally you are on the set longer and many times you are outside instead of couped up in a studio. Still, I wouldn't turn down the chance to do a sitcom.
ADE) Do you like to see and hear yourself on TV and in movies?
HANNAH) Yes, I think it's really neat to see my face on-screen or hear an animated character speaking with my voice.
ADE) Married... with Children has been shown in many countries all over the world and some of them are non-English speaking countries. What are your feelings about the fact that your "Young Kelly" character sometimes has a different voice and speaks in a different language?
HANNAH) I think it would be funny to hear another language and voice come out of my character. I really didn't know that this was happening. I guess I didn't think about it.
ADE) You are not yet allowed to watch "The Haunting" in US cinemas. Would you like to be able to do that?
HANNAH) Actually, I have already seen "The Haunting". My mother took me when the movie opened.
ADE) There are two other actresses whom played "Young Kelly" in an episode of "Married... with Children". If the opportunity ever occurred; Would you like to have a party with all the actresses whom have played "Kelly Bundy"?
HANNAH) I didn't know other actresses played Young Kelly, but I think it would be fun to meet them.
ADE) Do you use the internet, and if so, Which is your favourite website?
HANNAH) I haven't used the internet very much lately. When I was younger, I used to visit the Nickelodeon site.

Many Thanks to Hannah for taking part in this interview.
You can find out more about Hannah at her website:

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