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A Russian Version called Schastlivy vmeste (Happy Together) started on March 8, 2006, on TNT, featuring the Bukin family in Yekaterinburg. Along with the Chilean version, this is the most successful remake. Apart from Russia, it also airs in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Many Russian celebrities had cameos on the show.

From April to June 2008, after 245 episodes had been translated from the original version, fans could send in scripts to TNT which selected, taped and aired some of them. Airing began on January 30, 2010. This means that the Russian version is the only one that has more episodes than the original one! Season 4 included 49 additional episodes aired, season 5 included 20 episodes and season 6 another 50 episodes. Airing ended on September 19, 2012. This means a total of 119 additional episodes were produced!

Original Character    Russian Character   Russian Actor
Al BundyGena Bukin (Гена Букин)Viktor Loginov (Виктор Логинов)
Peggy BundyDasha Bukina (Даша Букина)Natalya Botschkareva (Наталья Бочкарева)
Kelly BundySveta Bukina (Света Букина)Darbya Sagalova (Дарья Сагалова)
Bud BundyRoma Bukin (Рома Букин)Sascha Yakin (Саша Якин)
MarcyLena Stepanova (Лена Степанова)Juliya Eacharova (Юлия Захаров)
Steve RhoadesShenya Stepanov (Женя Степанов)   Alexey Sekirin (Алексей Секири)
Jefferson D'ArcyAnatoliy "Tolia" Poleno (Анатолий Полено)   Pavel Savinkov (Павел Савинков)

Also check the official TNT site and Russian Wikipedia.
Russian Wikipedia Episode List
Good Ukranian site with complete episodes.
Another good site.

New episodes (Russian season 4) written by Russian fans
Aired on Russian TV Channel TNT in 2010.

I don't speak Russian, so help for better translations would be appreciated!

Season 4

Number Premiere Episode Name Synopsis
1 (246) December 31, 2009 Desantura, Oleaster and the Fool (Десантура, лох и дура) Gena abuses his position to make interviews with casting beauties on a non-existent job. But while he's staring at the beauty of trusting girls, Dasha, as usual, manages to spend all his salary. Tired of being beaten in the annual Airborne Day, Roma decides to become a paratrooper.
2 (247) December 31, 2009 Don't Worry as Long as there Is Beer! (Пиво есть — ума не надо!) Gena prepares for the competition "Beer King". Training for this occasion, he spent his entire money on beer. Dasha, who was counting on this money, is angry about that and enlists Lena to this contest.
3 (248) December 31, 2009 Gentlemen Failure (Джентльмены неудачи) Gena and Roma are arrested for phone terrorism when Gena reports a false alarm about a bomb in a shopping center. In prison, Gena meets a man whose life he changed for the worse many years ago. The latest role-playing game of Tolia and Lena ended with the Tolia accidentally leaving Lena chained to the mattress while he was stuck in her wedding gown.
4 (249) December 31, 2009 Gastarbabnik (Гастарбабник) Sveta wants to order a sweater over the Internet for her boyfriend, but she accidentally orders Dave, an American who wants to marry her.
5 (250) February 1, 2010 Virility - Not Our Competence (Потенция — не наша компетенция) Upon learning that there are mushrooms that have a stimulating effect on men, Dasha and Lena go to the forest. However, Gena and Tolia heard about the mushrooms first and have already collected and safely hidden them all.
6 (251) February 2, 2010 Put this on Immediately! (Наденьте это немедленно!) Lena wants to surprise Tolia surprise with a sexy dress. It turns out to work fantastically, so Lena gives her dress also to Dasha. Meanwhile, after Roma extracted a jammed toy from his head, he has a better sense of smell than dogs. Petrov uses this ability to work Roma as bloodhound.
7 (252) February 3, 2010 Loshara Pearl (Лошара из шара) Dasha cons Tolik with beads from the African juniper. However, Gena is getting allergic to them.
8 (253) February 4, 2010 Night Shame (Ночной позор) Gena rents his store to a rock band for rehearsals. He uses the money to improve his lifestyle.
9 (254) February 5, 2010 Paleontologist (Палеонтолох) UNESCO recognizes Gena as the last Pithecanthropus.
10 (255) February 8, 2010 Sausage for a Shake-up (Колбаска для встряски) Gena tries to eat his Deryabin sausage in peace, but Tolia, Lena, Petrov and others are constantly disturbing him.
11 (256) February 9, 2010 Kidney to the Barrel (Почку на бочку) Upon learning that the star stripper and Big'Uns model Masha Bulkin is terminally ill, Gena wants to give her his kidney. However, it turns out that Roma's kidney is much more suitable for transplantation - but Roma does not want to sacrifice it.
12 (257) February 10, 2010 To Be Gena Bukin (Быть Геной Букиным) Gena finds out someone has stolen his passport and has drawn on him so much credit that the Bukins will soon be evicted from their home. Roma meets a strange girl, Maya, who believes that after their hug and kiss, Roma became pregnant. Now Roma has to prove Maya and everyone else that he doesn't expect a child.
13 (258) February 11, 2010 You Can Watch but You Can Not Touch (Смотреть нельзя потрогать) Sveta finds a job at a fancy men's clothing store where all salesgirls are wearing swimsuits. Gena hears about this shop just when his regular strip-bar Quagmire is closed for two weeks.
14 (259) February 12, 2010 Investigators Are Fishermen (Следствие ведут рыбаки) Gena accidentally fishes panties from a neighboring balcony with a fishing rod - and enjoys continuing stealing a bra, then shorts, then cutlets... Gradually, Gena and Dasha, and then their children, begin to rob the neighbors.
15 (260) February 15, 2010 Love Berries (Ягоды любви) Tolia and Gena grow hallucinogenic berries. Dasha becomes a fan of the new series "Amorous Love" and begins to confuse the series and reality.
16 (261) February 16, 2010 Обмять необмятное Lena invites Dasha to the massage parlor, but she lost her credit card and they have to work to pay for the bill - incidentally for VIP clients Gena and Tolia.
17 (262) February 17, 2010 Operation on Pepper (Операция на перце) Alexander Samoilenko sells the shoe store. Meanwhile, the series "Amorous Love" has a hypnotic effect on Dasha, so when the series main character has to operate his child, Dasha is ready to operate her own son Roma.
18 (263) February 18, 2010 Snoring Beauty (Храпящая красавица) The heroine of "Amorous Love" falls into a coma - and so does Dasha. Gena is pleased, but why does Dasha snore all of a sudden?
19 (264) February 19, 2010 They Fought for Fish (Они сражались за рыбину) Tolia wants to have a baby, but Lena believes that they have to practice by taking care of an animal first. Therefore Tolia buys a fish just to find him dead the next morning. But Tolia suspects that the fish died for a reason. Meanwhile, Sveta is hidden in the closet of a former boyfriend and where she meets Giroux.
20 (265) February 22, 2010 The Chicken Effect (Эффект курочки) Gena has a dream in which he loves Lena, marries her and leaves shocked Dasha. He wakes up and thinks the nightmare is over. But under the influence of "Amorous Love", Dasha falls into a coma again.
21 (266) February 22, 2010 Doggy Ride (Собачка на прокачку) Gena's new boss leaves her dog Paris at the Bukin's. She threatens Gena that if something bad will happen to the dog, she will make shoes out of Gena. But the dog disappears, and when Lena and Tolia buy a new dog from the black market, it looks very familiar to the Bukins.
22 (267) February 22, 2010 The Mystery of the Black Belt (Тайна чёрного пояса) Sveta "invites" Giroux to the Bukin's for supper. She tells him to bring along 14 pizzas by convincing him that this was the only way to please her father Gena. Meanwhile, Gena realizes that Sveta can predict sports results by pulling comatose Dasha's hair. He sells his Lenin laptop to bet that money.
23 (268) February 24, 2010 Spa Fraud (Курортный обман) Dasha wins a trip to Turkey as the most passionate fan of the series "Amorous Love". During that holiday, Tolia uses their neighbour's empty apartment for personal reasons.
24 (269) February 25, 2010 Acquaintance with the Wreckers (Знакомство с вредителями) Sveta and Giroux want to get engaged, so Giroux's parents arrive in Yekaterinburg to get acquainted with Sveta's "intelligent" and "rich" family. Roma blackmails Lena to make her play the role of Dasha. Everything works out well... until Tolia accidentally wakes up Dasha from the coma.
25 (270) February 26, 2010 Save Our Dasha, Part 1 (Спасите нашу Дашу. Часть 1) While Dasha was in a coma, a report about her was shown on TV. Now her fans come by compassionately, and Dasha has to pretend that she still is in a coma. As all she can do is lying around, Gena gets all the attention, making Dasha jealous. Therefore she comes out of her come right in front of the amazed public. The producer of the series "Amorous Love" wants to play Dasha the part of Masha. Since the series is produced in Moscow, she has to move there. Will her family miss her?
26 (271) February 27, 2010 Save Our Dasha, Part 2 (Спасите нашу Дашу. Часть 2) Dasha asks her family to rescue her from the TV series because she was forced to do terrible things, so Gena, Sveta and Roma come to Moscow. They accidentally step into the Russian TV series "Taxi", winning quite some money. After reaching the set of "Amorous Love", Gene finds out that Dasha simply refused to handle a vacuum cleaner. To get Dasha out of her contract, Gene must give the producer all the money they won on "Taxi".
27 (272) March 1, 2010 To Kill in Russian (Убить по-русски) Lena decides to become a detective and causes a complex chain of events resulting in the death of Roma's rubber doll. Everybody is a suspect - even Shenya, Lena's former husband.
28 (273) March 2, 2010 Stone in the Hand (Стон в руку) Dasha and Lena are listening to healing music, trying to lose weight. Lena discusses with Dasha that this music could lead to sex with Gena. Meanwhile, Gena's boss ordered him to go to a shoe conference, but he throws the duty to Romka. During the following night, he dreams of sailing while Dasha is playing the healing music and having sex with him!
29 (274) March 3, 2010 Guitar Question (Гитарный вопрос) Gena finds a guitar in his store which was left there by robbers. Roma takes the guitar to the bard festival, not knowing that the robber used the guitar to hide money he stole.
30 (275) March 4, 2010 Biker Stories (Байка про байкеров) Gena goes to his regular strip bar with his friends, but their bar is full of bikers. Gena decides to teach them a lesson, but the bikers are not going to surrender.
31 (276) March 5, 2010 Saving Marriage (Сберегательный брак) Gena wants Sveta to marry a future millionaire. But after meeting Sveta, the millionaire choses another bride.
32 (277) March 9, 2010 Porn Identification (Идентификация порно) Gena, Danila and Tolia want to go to the "Big'Uns" competition. To be admitted, they have to be able to identify the participants by their busts. Therefore Gena is studying all his Big'Uns issues, but he also finds a rotten issue next to a sock. At the contest, he can guess all participants except one of them. Meanwhile, Dasha dreams about sex, and Lena is helping her with the realization of these plans. However, Gena protects his eyes and doesn't even want to look at Dasha.
33 (278) March 10, 2010 Chase, Gena, Chase (Гони, Гена, гони) Hiding from his wife, Evkaky Bukin arrives, and Gena lets him stay in the garage where they start to produce Vodka which is selling very well. But when Dasha finds Evkaky in the garage she calls his wife.
34 (279) March 11, 2010 Tolia Workoholic (Толик-трудоголик) Lena is fired and Tolia got a very well-paid job. But Tolia first has to understand what exactly is his job.
35 (280) March 15, 2010 Exchange for Lewdness (Обмену и разврату не подлежит) Lena doesn't get a job and Dasha is not desired by Gena anymore, so Dasha and Lena realize that they need to change their appearance. Lena decides to go to the next interview with a wig and a stuffed chest, and Dasha goes to the clinic to change beyond all recognition.
36 (281) March 16, 2010 After-School Romance (Внеслужебный роман) Katya begins to care for Tolia. Gena comes to Katya's father, a tycoon who gives him the task to separate Katya and Tolia. Meanwhile, Roma wins at chess.
37 (282) March 17, 2010 Treason (Измена Полено) Lena takes Tolia his credit card away and makes a marriage contract: if Tolia will be found guilty of treason, the marriage is dissolved, Tolia has to leave the apartment and loses everything. Meanwhile, Dasha and Roma visited Giroux and Sveta.
38 (283) March 18, 2010 Psycho! (Психу — псих!) Dasha is bitten by a cat and the doctor gives her experimental pills. From them, Dasha starts to behave like an excited cat and Tolia suggest Gena to hide from Dasha in a mental home. Gena buys gifts tells Sveta to take them, but Sveta forgets them in the bus.
39 (284) March 22, 2010 All Wives Are Doing it (Все жёны делают это) Gena finally makes Dasha to get a job, but his happiness does not last long: Dasha now works in his shopping center. Sveta and Roma write an emo-style song.
40 (285) March 23, 2010 Beware, Gena Is Out! (Осторожно, Гена убирается!) Roma gets dogs. Gena declares sex strike against Dasha until she begins to clean and cook. The next day the house the house glistens and food is on the table. Is Dasha now a perfect wife?
41 (286) March 24, 2010 Stop, Sveta! (Конец, Света!) Giroux is invited to manage the construction of the scientific collider in Banana Republic. He wants to take Sveta with him, but according to the laws Banania, they can go together only if they are married. Meanwhile, Roma helps Seme to find a new family.
42 (287) March 25, 2010 Change Gena (Перемена Ген) Roma builds a robot cleaner, hoping to turn it into a sex robot. Gena mistakenly receives love letters addressed to another person who is also called Gennadiy Bukin.
43 (288) March 29, 2010 Bukin Ghost (Букинвильское привидение) Katya asks Gena to look after her suburban home. He is told not to touch anything. Gena complies with this rule, but soon his family arrives. Gena meets a ghost - Katya's great-grandmother - who wants to have sex with him.
44 (289) March 31, 2010 Silence of the Kitchen Boys (Молчание поварят) Roma meets a chef - a pretty girl named Olga.
45 (290) April 1, 2010 Taming of the Shrew (Укрощение строптивого) Dasha asks Lena to help her cook dinner for her wedding anniversary. She makes Tolia keep Roma and Sveta away from home so they won't spoil the evening. However, just today, Gena doesn't come home.
46 (291) April 5, 2010 All the Best - Adult (Всё лучшее — взрослым) Gena insults Katya, and she fires him. On the same day, Roma and Sveta find jobs. Now the house Bukin hs working children, and the adults gradually fall back into childhood.
47 (292) April 6, 2010 Fisherman of the Fishermen (Рыбак рыбака) Gena terrorizes fish.
48 (293) April 7, 2010 Crime without Punishment (Преступление без наказания) Gene wins a box of juice bags, and all his relatives believe that he robbed a bank because.
49 (294) April 8, 2010 Remove them Immediately! (Снимите их немедленно!) While watching football, Gena throws an iron out of the window, smashing the windshield of his car. To replace it, Gena wants to cash his wedding ring. The seller, his friend, said that the ring was made for Peter the First and a collector is willing to pay him a large sum, but only for both rings: Gena's and Dasha's. But Dasha has already sold her ring - on the same day!

Season 5

1 (295) September 13, 2010 Genadzilla (Генодзилла) Gena is stuck in a dinosaur costume. Dasha fights for a dinner with Arkady Ukupnik. What will she serve him and will he keep it?
2 (296) September 13, 2010 Bukin Kids (Букины дети) Once upon a time in the hospital... a nurs accidentally switched two babies. One of them Roma Bukin who is going to live with aristocratic parents.
3 (297) September 14, 2010 Rate Larger than Life (Ставка больше, чем жизнь) Katya Lel, daughter of an oligarch, comes to town. Her father once gave her a football team. Gena manages to get information about the team from Katya's friend Anna - and starts to gamble.
4 (298) September 15, 2010 Tabor Goes to Dasha (Табор уходит с Дашей) Gena offends a gypsy baron who tells his son to seduce Dasha away from Gena. Dasha follows him to the gypsy camp because there she doesn't have to work, cook or clean.
5 (299) September 16, 2010 Bukin Almighty (Букин Всемогущий) Gena finds a mobile phone which turns out belonging to a government official. So Gena starts to administer state affairs.
6 (300) September 17, 2010 From Africa with Love (Из Африки с любовью) Gena, Tolya and Daniel opened an underground shoe casino. Roma meets Sasha, his first school love. Sasha left to Africa as a child but came back to propose to Roma.
7 (301) September 20, 2010 Football Instinct (Футбольный инстинкт) The entire city goes insane about the football world cup in South Africa. But Dasha organizes an anti football rebellion.
8 (302) September 21, 2010 Irony of Love (Ирония любви) On December 30, Gena goes to a bath with friends. But instead of going back home he flies to Krasnoyarsk. There he meets a strange woman who turns out to be a perfect Bukin.
9 (303) September 22, 2010 His Majesty's Shoe (Его обувное величество) One of Gena's distant relatives died - the king of Gendostan. Gena becomes the new king. He and his family find themselves in a heavenly place.
10 (304) September 23, 2010 Of Cads and Ladies (О хамах и дамах) By not eating anything, Roma tries to win the heart of the ladies. However, fasting also makes him weak.
11 (305) September 24, 2010 Planet Gena (Генопланетянин) Aliens take Gena to their planet. When he learns that those aliens want to destroy Earth, he talks them out of it. Having discovered that Gena has disappeared, Dasha is happy but notices soon that she can't do without him.
12 (306) September 27, 2010 Memoirs of a Geisha (Мемуары гейша) Tolya wrote an erotic novel inspired by his sex life with Lena. When he is about to publish it, Lena tries to stop him by asking for help from the editor's secretary. Meanwhile, Sveta plays the electronic game "Well, wait!"
13 (307) September 28, 2010 Where Dreams Begin (Куда заносят мечты) Gena tells about his intentions to go to a resort alone, but the other family members got there first. Imagine their surprise when the hotel sends them back home - which was Gena's plan in the first place. Lena gets Kama Sutra and makes Tolia practice the poses from the book, including the most sophisticated ones. This turns out to be traumatic.
14 (308) September 29, 2010 Bury Me in the Ramp (Похороните меня за пандусом) Gena survives an accident, but everyone else thinks he's dead. At the funeral not everybody turns out to be upset. As Roma is the breadwinner of the family now, he goes to work - in a shoe store. Daniel, Tolia and Bezbabniki arange an alternative funeral in the "Quagmire" where the director decided to open a memorial for Gena.
15 (309) September 30, 2010 Barnaley (Барналей) Dasha finds a job as a bartender. She uses cocktail recipes from a book she took from Gena. Her cocktails turn out to be very successful. When Gena realizes that, he persuades Tolia to give Dasha a recipe for a vigorous shake which she prepares for her boss. As a result, Dasha is fired. Gena is satisfied about that - until he hears how much Dasha earned.
16 (310) October 1, 2010 About Pregnancy (Временно беременна) Gena brings home a box with pregnancy tests where you have to lick to get a result. Sveta tries one - with a positive result. Now Gena is looking for her fiance.
17 (311) October 4, 2010 Playing the Victim (Изображая жертвы) Riding in Lena's car, Gena and Tolia hit an elderly couple. In order to avoid the police, Gena brings the couple home - where the seem to settle.
18 (312) October 5, 2010 Genaportasia (Генапортация) At the shoe store, a batch of new shoes from China arrives. After sniffing them, Gena wakes up in the future.
19 (313) October 6, 2010 Twin Crept Quietly (Близнец подкрался незаметно) Talking about Gena's shortcomings, Dasha bites a bee. Since this makes Dasha speechless, Gena is happy. Meanwhile, Roma persuades twin brothers to play with Sveta.
20 (314) October 7, 2010 Mamoth and Papont (Мамонт и папонт) Gena and Roma are hungry. When they heard that in the Ural forest a huge carcass of a mamoth is found, they are on their way.

Season 6

Season 6 featured another 50 episodes from July 9, 2012 to September 19, 2012. Here is an episode guide.

Thanks to Yelena Extr@ and The_Nik.

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