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Last update February 24, 2005

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This database is for people who always wanted to know in which episodes Franklin D. Roosevelt was mentioned or if there's a reference about their favourite TV show on Married... with Children. All seasons were included systematically, but feel free to send me an e-mail message if you have an addition since I'm sure I missed some references. Thanks a lot to Ade Bundy from the Internet MWC Database and to Nick Fehring who made this work possible.

Brands - Products, companies etc.
Events - Sports teams, music events etc.
Geography - Countries, cities, peoples etc.
Individuals - People, cartoon characters etc.
Media - TV stations, magazines, papers etc.
Productions - Movies, songs, books etc.

Some top three lists (number of episodes in brackets):
Cars: Dodge (unknown); Mercedes (24); Porsche (11)
Other brands: Budweiser (12); Tang (12); Coca-Cola (10)
Sports teams: Bears (12); Raiders (9); Cubs (9)
Cartoon characters: Garfield (8); Bugs Bunny (5); Elmer Fudd (5)
Individuals: Oprah Winfrey (42); Elvis Presley (11); Michael Jackson (9); Abraham Lincoln (9)
Cities: Chicago (unknown); New York City (12); Los Angeles (8)
Countries/peoples: USA/Americans (unknown); France/French (unknown); Japan/Japanese (12)
US states: Illinois (unknown); Hawaii (14); Wisconsin (9)
TV channels: Fox (14); Home Shopping Network (7); NBC (7)
TV & movie productions: Gilligan's Island (16); Star Trek (10); The Facts of Life (8)
Real magazines: TV Guide (16); Playboy (13); Penthouse (5)