A Guerra dos Pintos

Last update February 15, 2004

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Thanks a lot to Marco Augusto and Leandro Pinto.

The original version of "Married... with Children" is broadcasted in Brazil as "Um Amor de Família" ("A Lovely Family"). "A Guerra dos Pintos" ("War of the Pintos") is a Brazilian remake of Married... with Children. Like the other remakes it wasn't a success. The premiere took place on June 13, 1999, on Bandeirantes Network. The Brazilian Bundys are called "Pinto" (hence the name of the series), even though this is a Brazilian slang name for penis. The Pintos live in Rio de Janeiro. Al's equivalent, "Zé Pinto", is a shoe salesman just like Al. He's a former soccer player as Al is a former football player. Peggy is "Neide Pinto", Kelly is "Kelly Pinto" and Bud is "Joca Pinto" in the series. They have a dog named Cachorro. Their neighbours, the "Fialho"s, are based on the Rhoades, not the D'Arcys. The storylines are exactly the same as in the early original version.

 Zé  Neide  Kelly  Joca
Zé PintoNeide PintoKelly PintoJoca Pinto

 Cachorro  Márcia  Aderbal
CachorroMárcia FialhoAderbal Fialho

Original Character    Brazilian CharacterBrazilian Actor
Al BundyJosé "Zé" Carlos Barata Pinto    Henrique Stroeter
Peggy BundyNeide Andrade PintoEster Lacava
Kelly BundyKelly Cristina PintoRoberta Porto
Bud BundyJoão Carlos "Joca" PintoRicardo Gadelha
Buck, the DogCachorrosome dog
Marcy RhoadesMárcia FialhoClaudia Provedel
Steve RhoadesAderbal FialhoFelipe Rocha

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