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The show was followed by some non-US remakes. The mid-90s adaptions from Germany and the UK were not successfull. A Brazilian 1999 production ended after 52 episodes. But all of a sudden, 10 new remake series were launched since 2004, mostly in Spanish-language countries. One of them was extremely successful: The Russian remake Schastlivy vmeste included 245 original episodes and 119 newly written ones, i.e. a total of 364 episodes! The Chilean remake Casados con hijos was also very successful, featuring 259 episodes. The latest remake was a Bulgarian version in 2012.

Country Name Translation Premiere Channel Episodes Bundy Also in...
Germany Hilfe, meine Familie spinnt Help, My Family Is Nuts March 4, 1993 RTL 26 Strunk -
UK Married for Life Married for Life March 5, 1996 ITV 7 Butler -
Brazil A Guerra dos Pintos War of the Pintos June 13, 1999 Bandeirantes 52 Pinto -
Turkey Evli ve Çocuklu Married with Children January 16, 2004 Kanal D ? Tonguç -
Colombia Casados con hijos Married with Children Oct 5, 2004 Caracol 26 Rocha Venezuela
Argentina Casados con hijos Married with Children April 12, 2005 Telefe 215 Argenta Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru
Russia Schastlivy vmeste Happy Together March 8, 2006 TNT 364! Bukin Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia
Chile Casados con hijos Married with Children May 2, 2006 Mega 259 Larraín -
Spain Matrimonio con hijos Married with Children May 14, 2006 Cuatro 62? Camacho -
Hungary Egy rém rendes család Budapesten A Terribly Neat Family in Budapest Oct 17, 2006 TV2 26 Bándi -
Croatia Bračne vode The Waters of Marriage Sep 10, 2008 Nova TV 16 Bandić -
Armenia Bnakaran N2 Apartment #2 2009 H2 ? ? -
Bulgaria Zheneni s detsa v Bulgaria Married with children in Bulgaria March 26, 2012 Nova 16 Bikov -

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