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Official Bundy Sites - Bios and a few multimedia files
Hulu - Minisodes

General Bundy Sites

Marriedaniac's Macrocosm of Married with Children - From Australia; news, reviews, scripts
Al Bundy Site - From Austria; PG with episode voting, videos, pics, biographies, song texts & more
Andreas Paul - From Germany; PG and quotes (Text/HTML), FAQ (MWC/CA), scripts, clips, pics & more; mirror
Bundyco - BGM; A few pics (signed cast pic included) and sounds (wav)
Thomas Fuchs' Domain of Al Bundy - From Germany; pics and related sounds (Real Audio); articles; the last public taping; bios; also in German
Nicolai Fogh's Bundyana - In Denmark; BGM; Sounds (Real Audio), HTML-FAQ and quotes
The Married With Children Realm - Quiz, sounds (wav), FAQ, message board, chat
Liron Sobol - TUTS (fan scripts); Song texts; Trivia; A few pics and some sound (mid)
Married... with Children - From Britain
What a Bundyful World
Another Married With Children Fan Website - Captures
Al Bundy's house of sole

Czech: Bunda Stránky - Excellent site
Czech: Lukáš Kadlec's Ceská Bundyologie - Very nice site
Dutch: Bundy World
Finnish: Pekka Pääkkönen's Episode Titles
French: Married... with Children Homepage
German: German Bundy Links at Bundyology - Includes about 40 German sites
Hungarian: Egy Rém Rendes Család - Episode guide, transcripts (Eng/Hun), sounds (mp3), lyrics, pics & more
Spanish: Juan Carlos Albornos' Casados con hijos

Specialized Bundy Sites

The MWC Capture Gallery - Captures/grabs/frames
The MWC Unofficial Fonts, Logos, Captions and Animated GIF Pages
Trialism!'s Alcyclopedia - Dictionary for Bundy related expressions; mirror site
Bob Novello's Bundy Quarterly Fanzine is offline, issues can be found at Andreas Paul's site
Bundy on VCD - Episode trading page
Dean Adams' Program Guide - Text version from the author's site; version Dec '97; July '99 version at Bundyology
Bob Cerveny's HTML Program Guide - Based on Dean Adams' guide (German/English), but still no season 11 infos; pics

Web Databases

Wikipedia Married... with Children - Excellent introduction
Internet Movie Database MWC Page - With links to the regular and guest cast
FunTrivia Married... with Children - Quiz collection
Yesterdayland Married... with Children - Synopsis & boards
Aaron Greenhouse's Fox Series - Detailed episode list MwC Experts - Ask experts a question about the show
Yahoo MwC Links
Google MwC Links
Internet FAQ Archives MwC FAQ


NO MA'AM Site - Provided by the cast member E. E. Bell
No Ma'am Productions Co. - Shirts & more

Danish: No Ma'am Denmark
French: NO MA'AM
French: No Ma'am France
German: Bundyology's German Bundy Links

Other Fan Clubs and Forums

The Bundy Family Circus - Forum
The Sect of Bundyism - Yahoo! Club
Iceman's Classic Wrestling Chat Forum MwC

German: Bundyology's German Bundy Links

Web Rings

Christina Applegate (
Christina Applegate (

Bundy Flavoured Sites

Reel Clothes - original items
RateItAll - Rate MwC and anything else
Alex & Ruud Go to Hollywood - A trip of bundyphiles to the cancelled taping on March 27, 1997
Frederick's of Hollywood - MwC's lingerie provider
Retail Slut - MwC's Kelly outfit provider
Haleyville - with Bundy fan fiction

Sites by Cast Members

Katey Sagal - Peggy Bundy
David Garrison Site - Steven Rhoades
E.E. Bell Site - Bob Rooney
Teresa Parente - Miranda Vera Cruz de la Hoya Cardenal

Right Action for Women - Christina Applegate's breast cancer foundation

Sites by Crew Members

Christian McLaughlin - Season 11 writer

Sites Dedicated to Cast Members

Amanda Bearse
Amanda Bearse aka Marcy D'Arcy

David Faustino

Katey Sagal
Her Sisters: The Liz and Jean Sagal Picture Page

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate Online - In Australia
German: Christina Applegate Homepage - In Germany
Joe Tiger's Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate Photos Images Gallery
Celebrity Desktop Christina Applegate - Wallpapers, screen savers, WinAmp skins, hotbar skins
atPictures Christina Applegate Christina Applegate
Undying Celebrities Christina Applegate Christina Applegate
Celebrity Depot Christina Applegate
abacus Christina Applegate
ActressRetreat Christina Applegate
SpaceSurfer Christina Applegate
Women Celebrity Pictures Christina Applegate - Pics; shockwaved site
Absolutely Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate
Terra Christina Applegate
Alan's Christina Applegate and Married... with Children Site - From Britain
Christina Meets Conan O'Brien - Soundclip and videoclip (Real Audio/Video) and illustrated transcript
Christina Applegate at Perfect Babes
The very best of Christina Applegate - From Germany
John's Christina Applegate Site - Interviews, pics
Christina Applegate in the Neon Blur
Christina Applegate at Famous Babes
Christina Applegate at Celebrities Picturegallery - In German
Thorsten Zanker's Christina Applegate Site - In Germany
Christina Applegate Site - In Australia
Jim's Christina Applegate Site
Yahoo Christina Applegate Links
Yahoo! Movies about Christina Applegate
TV Now Monthly TV Schedule for Christina Applegate
StarPulse Christina Applegate
Jesse Episode Guide I; EG II
Celebrities with and without makeup
Tami Lynn - Christina's manager

General Sites with Bundy Content

Nullsoft Winamp MP3 Player - Look for "Bundy" skins
All-Music Guide - For Katey Sagal's discography
Jump the Shark - TV shows after threir peak; Married... with Children and Ted McGinley
Alfie's Autographs of Hollywood - Autographs (pics and originals you can buy); Alfie and Christina
The Star Archive - Cast addresses and autograph pics; e.g. Christina, Katey or David Faustino
Hollywood Online - Movie site; David Faustino with his girl friend
Richmond Illustration Inc. - Caricatures; Al & Peggy
Gay Wired - Gay forum; Katey Sagal hosting an APLA event at the Playboy mansion, including Christina Applegate
Hollywood Book City - Buy scripts
3-D Pictures of MwC NOW Comics

Bundy Forums, Newsgroups & IRC - Initiated by Tom Breton in Spring of 1993, also at Google - Not on every news server; initiated by "Tiger" in January of 1997, also at Google
alt.binaries.multimedia.the-bundys - For pictures etc. Not on every news server
IRCHighWay IRC network includes the channel #marriedwithchildren (initiated by Krofinzki in January of 2002 on DALnet)

If your news server doesn't have a certain newsgroup, ask your provider to include it in his program.

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