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Last update September 12, 2010

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Disclaimer: There is no connection between me and merchandise sale sites which are listed on this page.


Any larger city in the US, Canada, Britain and Germany should have a t-shirt shop selling NO MA'AM shirts and Polk High #33 jerseys. Polk High Letterman's jackets are extremely rare.

A VERY special place to get a NO MA'AM shirt is E.E. Bell's NO MA'AM Page. E.E. Bell played the NO MA'AM member Bob Rooney on the show.
Other sources are TVStoreOnline (via ShareASale and T-shirts.com.

Disclaimer: I don't have anything to do with sites or persons listed here. I don't know aything about the quality of the shirts either.

How does an authentic shirt look like? Have a look at Bundyology's NO MA'AM page. The original shirt is light grey, not white (as white shirts shine much too bright in TV studio light). On the front, the red bar of the prohibition sign goes from the upper right to the lower left. The female sign and the letters have to be blue, but as you can see on the NO MA'AM page there are different sign and font versions. On the back, the initials are red and the other characters are blue. In conclusion, there are only three colours: light grey, red and blue. There is no white or black.

 Bumper Sticker


Original and photocopied scripts are available in script shops, especially in the LA area. You can also get photocopies online, e.g. at Hollywood Book City.

A "Table Draft" script is the first distributed to the cast and peripheral crew members. It is used on the first rehearsal(s) in the beginning of the taping week and usually has a blue cover. "Revised Table Draft" scripts were used in the middle of the taping week. They have a pink cover. "Final Draft" scripts are dated as of the day before the taping. They have a yellow cover and are very close to the actual TV transcript, but usually there were still made some changes for taping day.

Prior to these "official" scripts, there are early draft scripts which are kept within the production staff (writers, producers, directors) and are simply called "First Draft", "Second Draft" etc. If scenes have been changed following that, any new scripts issued usually have replacement pages inserted. Then you will find the suffix "W/Rev." on the cover.

The structure of a script is:
Front Page (including script version, production code, taping date, production staff and copyright note)
Schedule (of the taping week; also see Making of MwC)
Cast, Sets and Sound Effects
Short Rundown (of the rehearsals which are timed, so the times are noted on these two pages)
Text (devided into two acts and several scenes; 35 to 45 pages)

An original script usually fetches US$ 20, a script with undedicated signatures of the entire regular, recurring and major guest cast is about US$ 150. There are always people who are willing to pay even more for collector items like these.

Other Articles

There are tons of other merchandise accessories, e.g. watches, jackets, umbrellas, towels, oven mitts, shoe shine kits, shoe bags, promotional postcards and pictures, posters, calendars, note pads, folders, bookmarks, magnets, pens, clip caddies, paper plates, napkins, tote bags, golf hats, balloons, action figures (see picture below, available at Classic TV Toys or Entertainment Earth), ceramic mugs, paper cups, badges and pins. In addition to this, bumper stickers (see picture above) and original scripts were often amongst the prizes given out to fans attending studio tapings who often also kept their entrance tickets. Collectors might be interested in press release kits which were sent to all kinds of media as long as the show was in production. Press kits usually cost more than US$ 60.

The average price for a picture signed by the four main cast members is about US$ 60. Authentic signed photos of Christina Applegate cost US$ 25-35, depending on her sex appeal on the picture. For glossy pictures of her without signature you have to pay US$ 3-6; close-ups are up to US$ 12, sexy pics are up to US$ 20.

eBay & Other

A good source for fan articles are internet auctions. As far as I know, eBay.com is the best auction site for Bundy-related material. Reel Clothes claims to sell real set items.

 Action figures

Thanks a lot to Ralph Morse, Alex de Rouck, "Ade Bundy", Thomas Fuchs, Christian Köhler and Anthony Miletic. Special thanks to StuartM.

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