Bundymania (TV Special):
Interview with Dog Trainer Steven Ritt

Last update March 30, 1998

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New Year's Eve 1997/98 TV Special
Pro 7 (German TV Station)
Taped in March, 1997

Transcript by Andreas Carl whith some inaccuracies because of the loud German translation voice during the interview. Note: Buck died in real life about ten months before this interview.

Lucky started his first episode -- it was actually Buck's last one which was the third episode of last season, the tenth season [episode 1003] -- and he started when he was 5½ months [the taping of that episode was on September 1, 1995]... and I acquired him at 4 months. Buck was getting too old to distinguish the different hand signals. He was 12, actually, the last season he did work and we wanted to do something completely different. We replaced him on the show with Lucky as Buck's reincarnation. That was his sentence to come back on earth... to come back as a Cocker, because he killed too many cats here on earth in his previous life.

 Steven Ritt

I don't know if I can ever find the same feelings for a dog again like I had for him. He was just so perfect in every rehearsal, every run-through, every show... he did what was expected and even more. A way more. He was enjoying to work. Anyone who can work with dogs would have made him a star. Sometimes he even didn't have to watch my hand signals. He followed the dialogue and knew when he had to do something when Ed [O'Neill playing Al Bundy] was saying this and... he was rather experienced after all these years.

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