Bundymania (TV Special):
Interview with David Faustino

Last update March 22, 1998

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New Year's Eve 1997/98 TV Special
Pro 7 (German TV Station)
Taped in March, 1997

As posted by StuartM at alt.tv.mwc on March 22, 1998.

Q. What affect has the show had on your life?
A. It affects my life because people have discovered me from doing the show, anywhere I go people know me from the show. I travel around, and meet people. I've learned how to do sitcoms and learned comic timing. It's given me money, so I have a nice house and it affects every part of my life.

Q. Does that include your sex-life?
A. Yes. It affects that too actually.

Q. Are you in any way like Bud?
A. I'm not really like him, He's alright, he could be worse. I've heard him described as 'The Teenager from Hell' sometimes, but that was like, I was the teenager from hell, because if he was, he would be doing drugs, you know what I mean? he's pretty okay. He's a little horny and he kinda deserves that.


A. It has negative effects, the role of Bud Bundy has negative effects on my personal life yeah, I mean, you know, I don't know if it's necessarily the role of Bud Bundy. When I go out in public or a lot of people, some say 'Hey Bud! What your sister get up to?', if you're trying to sit down and relax with your girlfriend or family, or your in a bad mood or something, you have to learn to deal with these people all the time. That's why you get paid big bucks. It's not like 'dealing with the world' because 'the world' is 'looking at you'. So that's the negative part of it. And yeah, it helps me meet women, there's no doubt about it, I mean, I've seen girls, then walk up to girls, then be like a minute later, then the conversation turns. And I've got a girlfriend now [Elaine Hendrix], so I don't worry about those kinda girls.

A. I don't know, it depends on my recent movies, or if this could be the end, you know what I mean, like in Germany you still have three? seasons left of the show?

Interviewer: Two seasons. [Wrong answer, at that time, there was only one season left]

David: Two seasons left, right, I'll go to Germany and still milk my last two years of being a star. I don't know, Bud Bundy has to make enough cash first to move out on his own.

Q. Did you perform in a Rap single I heard?
A. It was a single I done when I was like 15,15-16 years old, it was on a compilation album with like 4 or 5 rappers or musicians on the album, and it got to be one of the songs, and I was like, A fun hobby, it was cool, it like, got me into the music business, I directed my first music video, and I'm producing other hip-hop groups and stuff.

 David Faustino

Q. If the show is finished. What are your future plans? What do you want to do?
A. [David looks into the camera] Can I have a job please? I don't know man, it's kinda scary, it's like here's something I've been doing all my life, half of my life. The series started when I was twelve years old, so it's like, 'Oh my God, what will I do?' But on the other hand it's like, 'Wow freedom!'. It's giving me time to think and, you know, I like to write and so I'm not worried about it, it's like 'wow' I have all these opportunities, and I don't know which way I'm going to go yet. I would like to direct some more, I know that.

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