Bundymania (TV Special):
Interview with Amanda Bearse

Last update March 22, 1998

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New Year's Eve 1997/98 TV Special
Pro 7 (German TV Station)
Taped in March, 1997

As posted by StuartM at alt.tv.mwc on March 22, 1998.

Q. How do you compare working with David and Ted?
A. Well they are both great, David Garrison is a wonderful actor and he created a great role in Steve Rhoades, and his timing was extraordinary, I learned a great deal from him as an actor. Ted McGinley is one of the sweetest, funniest guys I have ever worked with. It's like a sibling relationship, he's great at timing, he's also as cute as pie. So they both have their good sides. And I was sad to see David go, I was really surprised but I understood that choice that he wanted to make. But it was wonderful to have Ted come on the show and not sink it because he just keeps going on series after series after series after series and he himself admits that he usually sinks the show, it goes down after he gets on, and "Married... with Children" has proven that to be wrong, that he's actually a state of flow with us, so...


Q. What has it been like working on the show?
A. Ten years of my life, it's incredible friendships, it's lots of hard work, it's a lot of laughs, it's been a great ride in terms of making a living in this business, you never have that kind of run with a show. It's just a rarity, and especially with a show that's been fairly consistent in its treatment with characters and storylines, and so forth, so "Married... with Children" has just been, well frankly, it's one fourth of my life now, and the memory will always be with me. And I guess as long we're in syndication, places like Germany, it really will always be with me. We'll never get away from it.

Q. Would you prefer acting or directing in the future?

 Amanda Bearse

A. Well I really like the character Marcy, I have a good time playing her, and she's gone all over the place. She'd go away, and come back again, and gone over the edge again, and I'm not really in a hurry to give her up. But being able to begin my directing career on the show was something very important to me, and I think because of the executive producers Michael Moye and Ron Leavitt, who created "Married... with Children", they had a lot of faith in me otherwise I wouldn't have got my start. And I think that's where my career will probably go with more momentum, it's a career behind the camera. And directing, I have to say, is very challenging, and it's very expansive. Playing one role is, you know, week after week is kinda always the same, and with directing you're always solving new problems and meeting new challenges. It's a lot of fun.

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