The Howie Mandel Show (TV Show):
Transcript of a Chat with Christina Applegate

Last update August 14, 1998

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The Howie Mandel Show
Friday, July 24, 4 pm

As posted by Randel J. August at on July 25, 1998. Corrected by Andreas Carl.

C: Christina Applegate
H: Howie Mandel
D: Dakota Horvath (A child Frank Sinatra impersonator)

H: She's been on Married...With Children for 11 years ans she's starring in Jim Abrahams' new fim comedy "Mafia". I'm gonna show you a little clip from the movie.

(Shows a scene where Lloyd Bridges kisses her hand and she then punches her boyfriends brother.)

H: Please welcome Christina Applegate.

(Christina comes out to the sound of "Love and Marriage" in a brown evening gown which extends down just below her knees. Her nipples are showing through. Her hair and make up is like that from the Keneen Ivory Wayans show. She comes out at stage right and gives Howie a play punch then he kisses her right cheek. Then hugs Dakota then slightly bends down to let him kiss her right cheek.)

H: Ok ... put your mike on there.

C: (points to D ) Gotta watch out for you.

H: That looks like... Ya gotta watch out for my little palie there.

C: Yeah... yeah.

H: Yeah... so...

C: Yeah. Better keep to yourself over there kid.

H: So that looked like a fun movie. Did you have fun doing that?

C: Yeah. Had a great time doing that.

H: It's very funny. Jim Abrahams is great.

C: Oh he's amazing. Oh "Airplane" come on it's a classic.

H: He did "Airplane" and all those funny movies. Did he allow you to stick to the script? Or did he allow you to play with it?

C: We pretty much stuck to the script. Except for um... well, there was one day that we were doing some scene where Jay Mohr... um plays... my boyfriend/husband...

H: Right.

C: He askes me to leave the scene. And my original line was "If you need me I'll be in the garage shooting hoops" or something like that...

H: Right.

C: So, instead one of the times I said" If you'll need me honey I'll be up on the bidet. Which uhm... (some people in the audience laugh) which... I just kinda threw that one in there. And of course it's kinda escalated, and then the next time I said "I'll be upstairs fiddling with myself".

H: Hold on. Oh no, okay, alright. I see... So you did...

C: It kept getting broader and broader from that on, but they kept the bidet line.

H: They did keep that in. That's fine.

C: Yeah. They did go as far as this... as nasty as that.

H: You got to get very physical in this movie with the fighting.

C: Yes

H: And do your own stunts?

C: I did my own stunts. I caught a football. And... and while we were doing rehersal I did that... what's that, like funky chicken thing... what the football players do.

H: I have no idea. But they were telling me you can catch a football in the movie. Do you wanna give it a shot?

(Crowd goes wild.)

H: They told me you came up with an endzone dance.

C: Yeah, with my own endzone dance...

H: Your own endzone dance. You wanna try it?

C: Wait I gotta take this off now (the mike), don't I?

H: Just the mike! (The audience laughs.)

C: Oooohhh!!

H: Just right here.

(Christina takes the mike off and gets up to catch the ball.)

H: I'll just throw it to you. We'll do it right here. Will throw it to you.

C: I was running like this...

H: You were running like that... and then I throw the ball.

C: It's like this. (demonstrates)

H: That is great. (Howie laughs, the audience applauds.)

(They both sit down.)

H: Here you go. That's pretty cool.

C: It's a little difficult in these shoes.

H: Pardon me?

C: A little difficult in these shoes.

H: It's difficult in those shoes? What kind of shoes are you wearing?

C: Oh very high stilletos. (red)

H: You have a... there's a tattoo there.

C: Yeah, I have loads of those.

H: You have loads of those.

C: (laughs) Yeah. I can't show you all of them.

H: You can't show all of them. I wasn't asking you to see all of them. I'm just asking you about that one. What does that say?

C: It says AGAPE. ("uguhpay")


C: My mom's nickname.

H: Your mom's nickname? So I'm sure she's honored that you would write her nickname all over your ankle.

C: Yeah. (laughs)

H: Well, a lot of daughters wouldn't do that for their mother.

C: Yeah.

H: Was she upset that you got a tattoo or was she happy with that?

C: She was upset about the first one actually. She said I couldn't be burried in a jewish cemetary. And I said mom. I'm not jewish. So. So I think it's gonna be ok. Oh this one (points to Agape tat) she cried her eyes out at that.

H: She should be so happy.

C: Yeah she was really happy.

H: Wow.

C: Yeah.

H: It's different with my mom. My mom would just cry. Completely different. She would. And Jimmy's (actor James Caa) mother would call you a bastard.

C: Oh hoho.

H: You. Oh you know what?

C: Ok.

H: Are you havin' a good summer? Are you getting a chance to get off at work?

C: Well I'm being pretty busy with all this sort of stuff.

H: You have a new NBC series called Jesse.

C: Jesse. Yeah.

H: You got a primo spot. When is it on?

C: It's on Thursday nights after Friends at 8:30.

H: Pretty cool.

C: Yeah.

H: Did you get a chance in between the movie and before production of the sitcom to get away, to travel around?

C: Yeah. I actually went to Baltimore for about a week. I went to three Orioles games. If anyone likes the Orioles. Rocky rules.

H: Why would you do that?

C: Why would I do what?

H: Are you a big Orioles fan?

C: My... my... signifant other is. And so...

H: Oh.

C: Being a good girl-friend I went to three Orioles games.

H: Do we know him?

C: Well, we don't... So anyway we went to three Orioles games...

(Crowd Laughs as she won't reveal the guys name: Johnathon Schaech)

C: And I'm learning things now. They're (the Orioles) the best double play in the National League or something like that.

H: I know nothing about baseball. You went back there. That's where he's from.

C: Uh-hum. Yeah.

H: Ok.

C: Yeah it was wonderful.

H: You got a chance to meet his family?

C: I met his family. The first time I met his family we were going to the Orioles game. Our hotel was a few blocks away from there.

H: Right.

C: As we were walking towards the stadium. A downpour. Like a hurrican downpour happens.

H: Rain. Wow!

C: So we get there. And there's his parents. And I'm meeting them there for the first time. And I am drenched from head to toe. And my makeup is all over my face. My jeans are just stuck to me. That's the first impression of me. A big wet dog.

H: Yeah they thought you were nice, just damp.

C: They didn't want to touch me. I wanted to go give them a big hug then they were like yeah. Ok, huh-uh. Oh.

H: But it went well?

C: Yeah it went fine.

H: Is this gonna be a serious thing, do you think?

C: Well I... think... don't....

H: Well once you meet the family.

C: It's wonderful.

H: It is.

C: I'm very happy.

H: Any talk of marriage?

C: It's the first time I've been in love.

H: The first time you've been in love?

C: Yeah.

H: That's wonderful. I hope it works out for you.

(Audience goes AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!)

C: Oh thank you.

H: There's some hurt guys over there.

C: Oh I'm sorry. (talks to D)

H: See palie. Look what can happen to you.

D: Women will ruin your life. Like I told you earlier. Especially one like her.

C, H and the audience: Ohhhh!

D: You just did it to me now.

H: And maybe we can work this out during the commerical. Stick around. STOMP will be next. After this.

(It's interupted because a news breakout of a shooting at the Capitol in Washington D.C. It comes back with Howie & Christina dancing with STOMP at the end of the show.)

You can see pictures and download a zipped 2.5 WAV audio file of this chat at

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