Maariv Lanoar (Magazine): Interview
with Christina Applegate & David Faustino

Last update July 17, 2000

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Translated from Hebrew by Nitzan Gilkis. Published in January of 1996 in Israel.

So tell me, what's it like growing up as a star, with all the temptations, roistering and parties?
Christina: I think everyone goes through some period of rebellion in their life, when they do crazy things. But all in all, when you enter this profession you realize that you have to take very good care of yourself. If you have a good basis, like I had at home, then it's not hard to overcome all those negative temptations.
David: Growing up in the spotlight can be both the best and the worst thing in the world. There's a good and a bad aspect to everything in life. You have to accept them both and try to get only the good. We, for instance, have accumulated a lot of experience, both in life and in acting. Of course I had days when I rebelled, but I quickly got a hold of myself.

People always envy young stars, who don't have to go to school and spend all day acting in shows and films.
David: It's true that you don't have someone nagging you to study, but according to the law the production company has to supply you with a private teacher every day, with whom you're supposed to work 3 hours a day to keep up with the kids at school. I never finished school, but I read a lot and that's how I educate myself. Besides, I know at least 40 guys my age who are after college and have no job. So what's better, education or a job?
Christina: I never finished school either, but I don't feel like I'm missing something. I couldn't get the life experienece I got doing the show at any school in the world.

What do you think of the characters you play, Bud and Kelly?
David: Sometimes it annoys me how much they humiliate Bud with stupid jokes about masturbation. It's pretty embarrassing. But the thing I like about him is that when he does make it, he does it bigtime, with the most gorgeous girls.
Christina: When we started doing the show 10 seasons ago, no one believed we would ever make it to 240 episodes. I am not like Kelly at all and I can't sympathize with her, either. She's a character I play, and that's it.

What will you do after the show gets cancelled?
David: I want to combine between my acting career and producing new rap groups.
Christina: If the show gets cancelled like people have been gossiping lately, I won't be too sad. I feel that it's time for me to leave Kelly behind and turn the page. The only thing I'll regret is leaving the wonderful cast of the show, which I'm going to miss. We've become like a family.

What do you have to say about your co-stars, Ed O'Neil and Katey Sagal?
David: Ed is a very amusing guy. He likes to tell us stories about his childhood, which keep us fascinated even though we know most of them are made up. Katey Sagal is amazing. These days she's not with us because she's on maternity leave, so the producers made made up a story that Peg is looking for her father who has disappeared. She appears in a phone call in every episode, though. All these phone calls were filmed before she left.

And what about Buck, the dog?
David: Buck the dog died in the show and now the Bundys have a new dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Lucky. I think Lucky is too much of a 'softie' to be a Bundy.

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