David Faustino on the German
RTL Nachtshow mit Thomas Koschwitz

Last update April 15, 2002

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Transcribed and translated by Marriedaniac and Andreas Carl.

RTL Nachtshow mit Thomas Koschwitz was a mid-90s late night talk show on German TV channel RTL. The show with David Faustino aired on June 13, 1995.

K: Thomas Koschwitz (translated from German)
F: David Faustino (in his original English)

David and Thomas

[David comes into the studio with a gorgeous babe in each of his arms. The audience applauds. The band plays the MwC theme.]

K: Hey! Incredible! Take a seat.

F: Thank you.

[They sit down.]

K: Say, what did you pay for the Ladies?

F: Uh, two pay checks. Your pay checks.

K: Okay. Is it that way with the Ladies? On Married... with Children you're not that lucky. How is it in real life? Are you successful with women?

F: Uh, well it's a different thing in real life. Bud Bundy's whole problem is that he's too eager you know? He's always trying to jump into a situation. He needs to relax, and try and ease it - he's too eager.

K: Yeah, and you do that in private life.

F: I try not to, ha ha. I try not to.

K: Okay, and your first girlfriend, when did you meet her?

F: I'm sorry?... Oh, my first girlfriend, uh... 15. 15 years old.

K: So you are precocious. You've been playing in films for a long time.

F: Well... yes, since I was three months old.

K: What did you play there, probably a baby in some diaper, didn't you?

F: Yeah, I played uh, I did a Lily Tomlin special where I played a baby. I played a girl actually, I played the role as a girl.


[The audience laughs and applauds.]

F: [Laughing] Aha!

K: You have the same problem like me, you're not very tall. Stand up... a man who's not much taller than me at last.

[Actually David is smaller. The audience applauds.]

F: Those girls would have looked as good with you, coming out.

K: Let's try that after the show. [The audience laughs.] Uhm, we'll just have a short look into an episode of your show Married... with Children.

[We see a short clip from Wabbit Season (508) where he's topless. After that the audience applauds.]

F: I look better now. [David points at his chest.] Here. [Thomas Koschwitz makes a gesture that David should open his shirt.] Ah, you don't wanna see it.

K: But you also used to have a beard, how old were you in that scene?

F: When I - This one here? Oh, 15, 16? 16!

K: You joined this show at an early age, uh, how did they pick you?

F: Well, uhm, the first time I auditioned for the show I didn't even get a call back. They hired another kid to play Bud. And then uh, they got rid of him, he didn't work out. They gave me a second chance. And then I came back, and I went on for like five auditions, and finally I got it.

K: Now when you're walking around in America and you play a rather bad character [on the show] - do they just give you food in supermarkets without any mean of credibility or... [The audience laughs.]

F: Only if I'm with the guy who plays my dad, then I've got problems.

K: Yeah?

F: Yeah.

[The audience laughs and applauds.]

K: I believe that. How do the cast members get along with each other anyway? Do the Bundys get along well privately just as on the show?

F: In real life you mean?

K: Yes.

F: Yeah, we all get along real well. That's what contributes to the success of the show. We hang out off-screen. I'm really good friends with Christina Applegate who plays my sister, and Ed O'Neill who plays my father. We're real tight. I'm closest with them than anybody else.

K: Do you give advice to each other about your idea of your parts? Does the "old one" give tips?

F: Yeah... I get tips from the guy who plays my dad because he's a good actor for his role. He's hilarious. And he's been around, he's been in business for... I don't know... 20 years. He's done plays, he's done Broadway. He's an excellent actor. So if I have a problem with something I say, "I don't know - how would you say this line?" and he always - usually - gives me a good tip and once in a while, I'll give him a tip, you know? If I think he's not doing something funny or if I think it could be funnier that way.

K: People working together like that... [He's interrupted by David.]

F: It's like when you did the top 10 list [earlier on the show], I think you should have read this... No, no, no, I'm just kidding.

K: What should I do better?

F: No, I think you should've read this [laughs] no, no, no.

K: Well, we'll make a short break and he'll explain it to me properly.

[The audience applauds. Commercial break. For the second part the band plays an intro. Applause.]

K: The Tom Schlüter Band... David Faustino, Bud Bundy, [earlier] tonight on TV and now here on the RTL Nachtshow. Are you a family guy?

F: Oh, yeah, I'm very close with my mother who's actually here in the audience somewhere... I have no idea where...

[David and Thomas Koschwitz are looking for her in the audience.]

K: We'll find her for you.

F: Mom, wave your hand.

K: Sometimes we also reunite families. Please answer... [Literally Bitte melde Dich - the name of a German TV show.]

F: There she is. Hi, Ma.

K: ... no, that's a different channel, I'm sorry. Ah, there's the mother!

F: And she's nothing like Peg Bundy, let me tell you that. And she knows how to cook!

K: Ah, well, your mom on the show can't at all, Peg Bundy is awful, how come you're so close to your family. You're famous and rich in America. Gives that inner strength to you?

F: To be close to my family? Uhm, yeah, absolutely. I think family is the most important thing, because, uh... any man who doesn't hang with his family can't really be a man at all. As the Godfather once said.

K: And would you like to have a family in the near future?

F: Oh some day, yeah, I'm in no rush.

K: How old are you?

F: But then again those models were looking beautiful, so I could go ahead and make a family right now.

[The audience laughs and applauds.]

K: Your Bud Bundy part, is it a handicap for other part offers? For instance for other shows?

F: Well, I think, uhm... you only ever get typecast if you get stuck playing the same role too much. Like, I go to acting class, I try to go four days a week. And, I mean, it gives you that opportunity to play other roles and to get, and not to be stuck playing the same thing. And when you start going out to other auditions they only see you as the character you play, that's why you have to... be real, and uh... do the best job you can possibly do. I mean, I've just finished a TV movie this vacation and did one last vacation, so I have no worries. I'll always work, because I do the acting. It's what I want to do, it's my life. I really enjoy it.

K: I also read a different thing: you opened a club... What kind of club is that?

F: It's a... it's all... I mean I have different clubs, I do have hip hop clubs, I do teen clubs, I do adult clubs, it's just something to do, it's a hobby, it's a lot of fun you know?

K: But there you're the boss?

F: Yeah, well, I promote it, I rent out different buildings. The last party I threw we had 1400 people show up. Uh, and the Right Squad, the Cops, you know with their helmets and everything, so I won't be able to go back there ever again.

K: You also used to rap, could you improvise a rap here...

F: Well, I did a guest appearance on someone's album once. Well, my friend did an album and I did a little guest appearance. Oh, [talking about Thomas Koschwitz] he's going to put me on the spot now, he puts me on the spot, man!

K: No! You don't want to?

F: Uh, maybe at, maybe at the end of the show I'll do a little something. Maybe. [He smiles.]

K: This would be the end of the show! [The audience laughs and applauds.]

F: Oh, this is it? It's all over? Okay, just one - I'll do something small. Can I have a microphone or what? I need a mike. [He gets it.] Testing, one, two. [Talking to the band:] Hey, can you play something where it's slow, very slow and funky you know, like real slowed down and smooth.

Here we go, one, two,
Here we go, one, two,
come on, get in the funky groove,
come on, come on, come on, come on.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven - eight
I think it's time we set the story straight
About society
And how everyone's busy
Yo Tom, what's up? I think it's time for schoolin'
Schoolin's what I do when I'm steppin' with degression
My name is D Lil, and I've come to ask a question
Yo, why must I consist to persist, to teach a lesson?
Peace to the nation - now that's the suggestion.

Thank you.

[The audience applauds.]

K: Hey, that's great man!

F: Thank you.

K: Tomorrow on the RTL Nachtshow: referee Eugen Striegel, then we'll have Heike Makatsch from Viva - [talking to the babes joining them:] hey Ladies! - and Wolfgang Lippert. [Since he has both girls he talks to David:] That's a pity for you. Good night!

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