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Last update February 1, 2009

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Married... with Children is broadcasted in Hungary as "Egy rém rendes család", meaning "a terribly neat family" (similar to the translated German title "a terribly nice family"). It ended after 26 episodes. There is also a 2006 adaption of the show with the name "Egy rém rendes család Budapesten". The Bundys are called Bándi.

Original Character    Hungarian Character   Hungarian Actor
Al BundyBándi Sanyi    Tibor Szervét
Peggy BundyBándi JuciÁgnes Bertalan
Kelly BundyBándi DiaLaura Marsi
Bud BundyBándi MisiAdrián Jurics
Marcy RhoadesVastag EditIldikó Bacsa
Steve RhoadesVastag RobiJózsef Sárközi

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