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Married... with Children Reunion

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Last update January 4, 2004

Station: Fox
Title: Married... with Children Reunion

US premiere date: February 16, 2003
US premiere time: 9 pm
US premiere rating: 10.1
US premiere share: 15

General description: this one-hour special (41 minutes pure documentary time) features individual interviews with the seven principal cast members, their reunion on a perfectly recreated Bundy living room set and hundreds of clips from Married... with Children episodes.

DVD: Information at Bundyology's DVD page.

Detailed description: the reunion special appropriately starts with Al flushing the toilet and goes on with several dozen short clips of funny quotes and scenes. Thereafter Christina Applegate shortly tells how it all began. Then we hear more about the cast members' thoughts when they discuss on the living room set or when they talk about them individually, continuously illustrated with clips of memorable MwC moments. Their issues are the Bundy family in general, how it all began, their characters - including Al & Peggy's relationship, the kids growing up on the show and the world according to Al - Ed O'Neill's non-verbal comical talent, what people say to them in the streets (Christina Applegate: "Show your tits!") and how the studio audience used to react. Finally they all talked about memorable moments on the show, followed by a final clip sequence and David Faustino's goodbye.

 The Seven Cast Members Some details: David Garrison remembers having been recognized in the streets first in the middle of season two. Katey Sagal says that Peggy's walk came automatically when she had to walk in stilettos. Ed O'Neill thought of his uncle Joe when he read the pilot script. The episodes Pilot (0101), A Dump of My Own (0305), You Better Watch out (0213), A Period Piece (0301) - called The Camping Show - and I Can't Believe It's Butter (1012) were emphatically mentioned on this special. Astonishingly there are no words about the Rakolta affair or the end of the show, and nobody was invited besides the principal cast. However, this special is an excellent compilation of clips, and it was a good thing to bring the cast together again. Hopefully this will pave the way for a TV movie.

The special was followed by a Fox News show which included a clip about David Faustino touring the set used for the reunion special. David said the Bundy living room set had to be recreated with original and reproduced props. The couch, the kitchen table, the kitchen chairs and the trophies in the living room are original. The living room rug is a replica, just like the walls. The clock on the living room wall also had to be recreated since the original one was stolen on the last taping day.

The sequence of short clips at the very beginning includes scenes from 0101 ("howdee neighbour"), 0103 (Steve kissing Marcy), 0113 ("my life is over"), 0202 ("we're here"), 0204 (Al lifts his head), 0210 ("Al, I'm horny"), 0212 (Al kisses Peg at the couch), 0219 (Marcy choking Al), 0222 (Al shoots himself), 0306 (Peg & Marcy dancing with a hunk), 0308 (Peg taking off her gown), 0309 (Al & Peg in a plane), 0321 (kids with signs, Al topless), 0401 (Al on the couch with wet armpits), 0402 (Peg in a golden gown), 0404 ("home sweet hell"), 0407 (tangwitch), 0409 (Al crying next to Peg), 0412 ("gimme!", Al hit by Santas), 0420 ("strike!"), 0423 (Peg & Marcy high-five), 0501 (shots at bed), 0505 (the kids overbalancing Al), 0513 (Al playing an air guitar), 0517 (Al kisses Peg at the table), 0512 (Peg hitting Al who's dreaming), 0519 (Al & kids in a wading pool), 0520 (Al cheering at the checkout), 0521 (remote control), 0602 (Al's mouth wide open), 0603 ("if anyone asks, I'm not related to any of you"), 0606 ("nobody better pull my finger"), 0615 (football & trophy), 0607 (kids with funny glasses, Al choking Bud), 0610 (Kel on a spinning chair), 0612 (Peg hitting Al), 0617 (Marcy taking off her coat), 0620 (Al & Jefferson getting an electric shock), 0626 ("thanks for such a good time"), 0701 (toilet flush, "smile as if Daddy had died"), 0702 (Peg kisses Al), 0704 (Al barkeeping), 0706 (Al & Jefferson dancing), 0713 (Al hanging himself), 0714 ("i have a thought"), 0716 (Al in leopard skin), 0726 (Marcy kissing Jefferson), 0802 ("let's rock"), 0902 (Kel in a red bikini), 0915 (Al falling from a tree), 0916 (Bud choking Kel), 0923 (Al getting an electric shock), 1001 (Kelly giving Al an electric shock), 1014 (Ariel hitting Bud), 1015 (NO MA'AM on Al's roof), 1114 (catapult), 1117 (Marcy hitting Jefferson) and from the opening credits. During that part we can hear the song "Bad to the Bone".

Other clips on the show are from 0101 ("well Al, another thing: do not eat or dring anything...", "I hate you...", "for the last hour I've been trying to squeeze your foot into a shoe", Steve & Al sit down on the couch, Peg vacuuming on the couch), 0103 (Bud in a t-shirt and Kel in a blue night shirt), 0104 (Peg on the couch with bonbons in a blue shirt with white symbols), 0106 ("I love you Marcy - I love you Steve", "what happened, Steve...", "you can't go through your whole life ordering food through a clown's head..."), 0107 ("wear this!"), 0111 ("Mom, you're cooking..."), 0113 ("never wanted to get married..."), 0202 ("Bud's in love...", "let the good times roll"), 0204 ("I can't believe it, everybody ...", Peg dances singing to the door, Bud in a lumberjack shirt & Kel in green), 0210 ("but Steve, they need us just as much as we need them..."), 0212 ("remember how you always say it's important to do nice things for other people...", "Mom, Dad, this is Tiffany"), 0213 ("Santa Al getting a snowball at his back, the Bundys & the Rhoades in front of the TV & following scenes), 0214 ("I want you to go upstairs..."), 0215 (Al hits his finger with a hammer), 0216 (Peg & Al in the bathtub), 0217 ("Kelly, you going out walking by construction sites again...", Kel kisses Bud, "I'm off to the mall"), 0218 (Kel in a light pink sweater), 0219 ("Tang wipe", Marcy choking Al), 0301 ("it's times like these i'd like to take you upstairs and plug that hole in the roof", Al runs away from the window, "hey girls" & follwing scenes), 0304 ("now Kelly, here's what I think you're doing wrong...", "okay honey, now it's time to do your chores..."), 0305 ("doesn't anyone want breakfast...", Al hugs a toilet & following scenes), 0306 (Peg singing with a spoon, Peg & Marcy dancing with a hunk, "I don't even know why we need bras..."), 0309 ("kids, you know the speech...", Bud & Kel with a tube), 0310 ("I don't wanna have sex..."), 0311 (the Bundys stealing cutlery), 0312 (Peg sleeping on the couch), 0313 (Peg reading the Inquisitor, Kelly in blue with a crucifix collar, Steve taps), 0315 ("What happened to you date..., "Al, I'm really upset with your wife..."), 0316 ("Daddy, we don't have any food...", "looking through the peephole in the girls' shower room...", "I'm dead, why don't I fall down?", "eat toe rot - lick roadkill"), 0319 (Al hitting his computer), 0320 (Bud with a mannequin), 0321 ("we could do more together...", picture of the Bundys at the beach), 0322 ("now sit up, shut up and brace yourself...", "Peg, kids, thank you!"), 0401 (Bud vomits, Peg smoking three cigarettes, "sex again...", "now what little dirty job do you have for me", "greeting, vultures, your meal ticket's here"), 0402 (Peg in a golden gown, Kel walks into the wall, "there are two things Peggy Bundy doesn't do...", Kel bending over, "stuff a bra"), 0403 (Al picking his foot), 0404 ("home sweet hell", "Peg, I'm starving to death...", "doesn't anybody know this is against the law..."), 0411 (Al with a pan on his head, "chew Dad's socks - eat Mom's food"), 0412 ("I know what would you feel better...", Al gets an electric shock outside), 0414 ("here's your stinking allowance...", "Kelly, go on change into your sleaziest dress...", Kel waving into the camera, Kel pulling up her skirt, Kel tied to a fence, "... what occupation do most Americans feel as the lowest a man can have..."), 0417 (Al running away from a female wrestler), 0418 (Bud & Kel next to blue lockers), 0419 (Kel next to a map, "Mom, I'm on the horns of an enema..."), 0420 (Peg walking down the stairs, "Al Bundy, brave, courageous and bold", Marcy pulling Al's ear), 0422 ("we can play bring the big bad wolf over to this little Peggy"), 0501 ("who the hell is this...", "I love you, do you love me..."), 0502 (Bud & Kel hitting people outside, Al pours viscous coffee, "hi honey, did you miss me...", Peg hitting a woman), 0503 (Kel hits Bud into the stomach, "fly - tapeworm", Peg re-opening Al's ears), 0506 (Peg & Kel on the couch), 0507 (Aliens enter the room), 0508 (Bud kissing his arm, Al loading a rifle), 0509 ("where are you going..."), 0510 (Al walking out of an elevator, "let me introduce you to the rest of the house...", Al hittin a guy's head with the door), 0516 ("the victory was ours..."), 0517 (girls doing the jumping jack, Kelly falling onto the couch), 0519 (Peg with a small fan, Bud in olive & Kel in orange), 0520 (Bundy cheer), 0521 (Bud kisses a girl on the couch), 0524 ("to look at me is to love me..."), 0601 (Al pulling out his hair, Al in dream sequence playing football, Jefferson & Al watch a table dancer), 0602 (Al switching channels, Bud in green & Kel in pink), 0603 (rapper Bud, rapper Bud being kissed, "Grandfather B", "Grand Marshal B"), 0604 ("Gaspasser...", "when the hat is on...",) 0606 ("to your health"), 0607 ("Crossdresser B", Al choking Bud), 0608 ("Why didn't you call 911...", "it doesn't matter what you did..."), 0609 ("now it's time for my favourite part of the show"), 0610 (Al & the kids on the couch, Kelly smiles with a star collar), 0611 (Peg spanking Al's behind), 0612 (Al with a shoe train, Al turning the open sign, Al sitting down at the shoe store, "you'll be hearing from my attorney", Peg hitting Al), 0613 (a woman throws a football towards Al), 0615 ("there's your daddy's car...", Al with football & trophy, "Al Bundy, All City back in 66...), 0616 ("yo, Roxanne", "Buttwagger B"), 0618 ("why doesn't the world die?", Al shouts), 0620 (Bud & Kel hitting people inside), 0622 ("I decided to get a job", Bud in a bug costume), 0626 (Al in a football dress), 0702 ("Peg kisses Al"), 0713 (Peg brushing Al), 0617 ("now you just flash that badge to some registered voter..."), 0619 (Bud & Kel headbanging), 0620 (I feel I make the statement...), 0701 ("Babyface...", "hi kids"), 0702 (Peg pulls out Al's Q-Tips and kisses him), 0703 ("let's kick some rich butt", Bud with a rubber doll, "gee, what's with him - well, he's a shoe salesman..."), 0706 ("gee Peg, I don't regret not having gone to college..."), 0708 (Kel clearing a table, Kelly waiting on food), 0711 (Al in a tuxedo, "I think this thing is broken"), 0713 (Al hanging himself, "I am so glad I'm not one of those women who needs a lot of makeup", Bud being kissed by a girl in pink), 0714 (Bud falling in front of a mannequin), 0721 (at the cinema, Bud flying through the room), 0722 (Marcy attacking Al with a dead squirrel), 0726 ("cash me, Bud, I think I'm gonna fade..."), 0802 ("just a quickie, Al..."), 0803 (Bud as a cowboy), 0809 (NO MA'AM's land), 0812 (Bud in grey & Kel in black with a charm), 0818 (Bud being pulled by dogs), 0824 (Al is hit on the head), 0826 ("Peg, if your life was any easier you would be in an urn in the garage", "because we get horny and don't have the sense to say no"), 0902 (Kel in red bikini), 0903 ("Daddy, I'm ruined...", "can you please tell me what a woman's body has to do with selling beer...") 0914 (Al with a hat throws a guy at the door, "now I'll never know his name"), 0916 ("how do I look..."), 0917 (Bud in flannel & Kel in brown leather), 0922 ("the Bundy family motto is..."), 1001 ("Mom, I had a horrible day...", "how dare you say that to my face"), 1005 ("what channel is it on, honey...", "you'll never guess what I got"), 1008 (Kel in a teal top), 1012 ("guys, since the wives are downtown..."), 1014 ("I don't know why you insist on dragging me along when you buy new underwear..."), 1021 ("come on, we gotta get out of here"), 1102 ("big day today, Peg, I'm getting a raise..."), 1106 ("definitely the best show on Fox..."), 1108 (Kel playing guitar), 1112 ("raise the bimbo, it's time to limbo!"), 1115 (Al & Peg with beds one upon the other), 1118 (Bud hits Peggy's date), 1121 (Kel hits Bud with a hammer) and 1123 (Al throws a guy in an overall at the door).

The final clip sequence features the title song "Love and Marriage" and scenes from 0203 (the Bundys running in a hallway), 0210 (Marcy taking off her coat), 0306 (Peg singing with a spoon, Al falling in a store), 0311 (Al & Peg dancing tango), 0313 (Steve taps), 0401 (Peg spits out food), 0417 (Al running away from a female wrestler), 0422 (Al shouts at a gigantic foot), 0626 (the Bundys running through the night), 0816 (Jefferson's bed slips into a chest of drawers), 0901 (Jefferson breaks into a wall), 0903 (Jefferson & Al act as Stooges), 0914 (Al with a hat throws a guy at the door), 1014 (Ariel hits Bud) and 1121 (Kelly & Jefferson spraying powder).

Many thanks to "Marriedaniac". Special thanks to "See-Moo".

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