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Season Three (1988-89)

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0301 - A PERIOD PIECE (aka THE CAMPING SHOW) - Peggy, Marcy & Kelly get their periods on a vacation.
0302 - HE THOUGHT HE COULD - Al brings a book back to the library after 31 years.
0303 - I'M GOING TO SWEATLAND - Peggy thinks she had seen Elvis.
0304 - POKE HIGH - Kelly's darling Matt wants to break one of Al's football records.
0305 - A DUMP OF MY OWN - Al buys a Ferguson toilet of his own.
0306 - HER CUPS RUNNETH OVER - Peggy's bra runs out of production.
0307 - THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL - Al & Steve think they are bald.
0308 - I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT - Al, Peggy, Steve & Marcy sue a motel.
0309 - THE GYPSY CRIED - A psychic predicts a tragedy for Marcy.
0310 - REQUIEM FOR A DEAD BARBER - Al is looking for a new barber.
0311 - EATIN' OUT - The Bundys go to a restaurant.
0312 - MY MOM, THE MOM - Peggy takes part in the "Mother Daughter Career Day".
0313 - CAN'T DANCE, DON'T ASK ME - Kelly has to perform a tap dance at school.
0314 - A THREE JOB, NO INCOME FAMILY - Peggy sells make-up at home.
0315 - THE HARDER THEY FALL - Steve is afraid of a former St. Quentin inmate.
0316 - THE HOUSE THAT PEG LOST - The house of the Rhoades disappears.
0317 - MARRIED... WITH QUEEN (PART 1) - Peggy tries to become Reunion Queen.
0319 - THE COMPUTER SHOW - The Bundys buy a computer.
0320 - THE DATELESS AMIGO - Al invents shoe lights.
0321 - LIFE'S A BEACH - The Bundys and the Rhoades spend a day at the beach.
0322 - HERE'S LOOKIN' AT YOU, KID - A peeper refuses to watch Peggy.

Regular cast:

Ed O'Neill: Al Bundy
Katey Sagal: Peggy Bundy
David Garrison: Steve Rhoades
Amanda Bearse: Marcy Rhoades
Christina Applegate: Kelly Bundy
David Faustino: Bud Bundy
Buck the Dog: Mike

Production staff:

Producers: Sandy Sprung & Marcy Vosburgh
Supervising Producer: Richard Gurman
Executive Producers: Michael G. Moye & Ron Leavitt
Associate Producer: Barbara Blachut Cramer
Creative Consultant: Arthur Silver
Executive Script Consultant: Ellen L. Fogle
Executive Story Editor: Ralph R. Farquhar
Primary Director: Gerry Cohen

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