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"Kelly Knows Something" (0823)

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Last update August 3, 2002

Episode title: Kelly Knows Something
Episode production code: 0823

Episode # in production code order: 180
Episode # in true US premiere order: 182
Episode # in old US premiere order: 183

US premiere date: May 22, 1994
US premiere time: 9 pm

Written by Al Aidekman
Directed by Amanda Bearse

First camera shot: Peggy is reading the "National Tattler" on the couch.

Synopsis: Lacking the "personality" to appear on a sports-trivia game show, Al tries to transfer his knowledge to Kelly - but for each fact she takes in, another falls out. Also, Al enjoys another episode of "Psycho Dad".

Guest cast:
Traney: Neal Lerner
Mike: Alex Nevil
Max: Mary-Pat Green
Tony: Michael Cannizzo
The Host: Todd Christensen

General note: The quiz host asks Al, what "OJ" in OJ Simpson means. On June 12, exactly three weeks after the original US airing of this episode, OJ's wife and her lover were killed - at 875 South Bundy Drive, Brentwood (Los Angeles, CA).

The New Adventures of Psycho Dad:
Who is the tall, dark stranger there.
The one with the gun and the icy stare.
The one with the scalp of his ex-wife's hair.
Psy-cho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad!
He's a durn good pa, but he hates the law.
He's to eat it raw, Psycho Dad!
Who's that ridin' across the plain.
Who's lost count of the wives he's slain.
Who is the man who's plum insane!
Psy-cho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad!

References: "Just Say No" was an 1980s anti drug campaign slogan.


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