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"Wedding Show" (0713)

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Last update May 4, 2002

Episode title: Wedding Show
Episode production code: 0713

Episode # in production code order: 144
Episode # in true US premiere order: 143
Episode # in old US premiere order: 144

US premiere date: January 10, 1993
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: December 18, 1992
US premiere rating: 12.4
US premiere share: 17

Written by Arthur Silver
Directed by Gerry Cohen

First camera shot: Al is sleeping.

Synopsis: The Bundys are going to a family wedding. Peggy can't decide what to wear, so while she dresses (and redresses), Al waits and daydreams. Kelly color-coordinates will fellow bridesmaids, deciding that short black leather is always best. Meanwhile, Bud gets to know the bride to be much better than he should!

Guest cast:
Janie: Joey Lauren Adams
Corky: Sara Melson
Heidi: Andrea Elson
Natalie: Robin Killian

General note: Joea Lauren Adams claims that the girl she played on this episode took Bud's virginity. Personally I think that was Helena Apothaker's job as Crystal on Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do? (0521).

Bud's lover: Janie (he has sex with her, but it wasn't his first time)

Transcript: Available at Ade Bundy's Internet MWC DataBase and Married with Children... All Things Episodic.

Corky, Kelly and Heidi

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