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"Kelly Does Hollywood (Part 2)" (0610)

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Last update June 14, 2002

Episode title: Kelly Does Hollywood (Part 2)
Episode production code: 0610

Episode # in production code order: 115
Episode # in true US premiere order: 114
Episode # in old US premiere order: 115

US premiere date: November 17, 1991
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: November 1, 1991

Written by Larry Jacobson
Directed by Gerry Cohen

First camera shot: Conclusion.

Synopsis: Kelly hits Hollywood and does her thing for the network brass, who love it - except for some teeny tiny (and disastrous) suggestions.

Guest cast:
Jeff Littlehead: Jon Lovitz
Cyndy: Donna Eskra
Rock Turboman: Pete Steinfeld
Jeannie: Lisa Fuhrman
Roberta: Heather Grimes
Samantha: Georgi Irene
Stage Manager: Cleveland O'Neal
Joanie: Kari Wuhrer
Hair Dresser: Victor Hugo Basso
Gig Fontaine: Garth Ancier
Girl #1: Megan O'Hara
Girl #2: Denise Lee Richards

General note: Jefferson does not appear in this episode. The fictitious show posters seen in the studio hall all feature series creators Leavitt and Moye and staff writers. The posters show: Ellen and Her Dog (Ellen L. Fogle), Spike Le Bee - N. Y. City School Teacher, Art Allante P. I., Black Cop - White Girl (Michael G. Moye), Me and the Shiksa (Larry Jacobson & Stacie Lipp), The Homeless Detective (Ron Leavitt, with Christina Applegate's friend Traci Lords who's acting in the following episode "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick" (0611)), Amos'n'Andrew (Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye - also in the office of the director in episode "No Pot to Pease in" (0909))

Kellyisms: "The Big Apple" isn't Los Angeles but New York.

Influences and references: The fictitious show posters seen in the studio hall "Black Cop, White Girl", "The Homeless Detective", "Amos and Andrew", "Me and the Shiska", all feature series creators Leavitt & Moye and staff writers, including Larry Jacobson and Stacie Lipp. The episode title is inspired by the pornographic movie "Debbie Does Dallas".

Goofs: during Al and Kelly's scene before her rehearsal, look in the mirror to the side - you can clearly see the camera which is doing the filming as it follows the actors.


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