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"Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?" (0521)

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Last update February 8, 1999

Episode title: Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?
Episode production code: 0521

Episode # in production code order: 101
Episode # in true US premiere order: 98
Episode # in old US premiere order: 99

US premiere date: April 7, 1991
US premiere time: 9 pm

US premiere rating: 12.2
US premiere share: 19

Taping date: March 22, 1991

Written by Ellen L. Fogle
Directed by Linda Day

First camera shot: Bud with a girl on the couch.

Synopsis: Al and Peg go over to watch a movie at Marcy's house, and proceed to take over the place. Meanwhile, the Bundy offspring seek gainful employment, but only Bud gains, while Kelly babysits the family from hell. Also, Bud finally manages to get a girl.

Guest cast:
Crystal: Helena Apothaker
Agatha: Edith Varon
June Hubbard: Irina Cashen
March Hubbard: Joey Simmrin
January Hubbard: Matt Leavitt (Ron Leavitt's son)
December Hubbard: Kristen Semon
April Hubbard: Samantha Leavitt (Ron Leavitt's daughter)
July Hubbard: Cheri Semon
May Hubbard: Heather Lynne Cranny

General note: This episode originally aired as a one-hour "special" along with the pilot showing of "Top of the Heap" (525). The "nudie bar" is mentioned for the first time. Bud has sex for the first time.

Bud's date: Crystal (he has sex with her)

Music: Al, Peggy, Jefferson and Marcy sing "The Way We Were".

Kellyisms: "ABD" instead of "ABC". "My brain beats faster" instead of "my heart beats faster".

Bud and Crystal

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