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"The House that Peg Lost" (0316)

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Last update November 27, 2000

Episode title: The House that Peg Lost
Episode production code: 0316

Episode # in production code order: 51
Episode # in true US premiere order: 50
Episode # in old US premiere order: 51

US premiere date: April 9, 1989
US premiere time: 8:30 pm

Taping date: March 17, 1989

Written by Steve Granat & Mel Sherer
Directed by Gerry Cohen

First camera shot: Al with a beer can on the couch.

Synopsis: After asking the Bundys to watch their house while they're away, Steve and Marcy return to find a big hole where their house once stood. Peggy has mistakenly told a wrecking crew looking for "Steve's Road House" to demolish Steve Rhoades' house instead. Meanwhile, Kelly has a slumber party with her girlfriends, but Bud disrupts it and turns things into a riot.

Guest cast:
Lauren: Allison Barron
Karen: Kristen Pearcey
Charlene: Laurie Plaksin
Tasha: Tracy Justrich
Workman: Jonathan Coogan
TV Announcer: Howard Stevens

General note: The Rhoades' house was moved to Waukeegan, Illinois. In the TV version Peggy mentions this fact, but we don't know why she knows that. The final draft script included an extra scene: Bud finds out the house's location after he talks to someone on the phone and says the house would be back in two or thee days depending on traffic. Peggy was worried that Steve and Marcy may not forgive her, and Al tells Bud to put back their garbage bins - that the Bundys have been using - as a show of good faith.

Influences and references: The episode title is inspired by the song "The House that Jack Built" by Aretha Franklin. June Cleaver is the mother from the TV series "Leave it to Beaver".

Meet the Rhoades

Thanks to "Marriedaniac".

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