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"Johnny Be Gone" (0113)

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Last update February 10, 2005

Episode title: Johnny B. Gone
Episode production code: 0113

Episode # in production code order: 13
Episode # in true US premiere order: 13
Episode # in old US premiere order: 13

US premiere date: June 28, 1987
US premiere time: 8 pm

Written by Katherine Green & Richard Gurman
Directed by Linda Day

First camera shot: Peggy puts a sandwich on the table.

Synopsis: Problems for Kelly and Bud make Al and Peggy delay their departure for the closing bash at their favorite hamburger joint, "Johnny B Goods". Meanwhile, Steve and Marcy are having a party for some bank executives.

No guest cast

General note: Al calls Marcy a "chicken" for the first time. Marcy is wearing a "Come'n'Go Motel" towel from "Married... without Children" (0109). This episode takes place in one continuous scene, an experiment which was only repeated ten years later in "The Desperate Half-Hour" (1123).

Influences: The episode title is inspired by the song "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry.

DVD: Information at Bundyology's DVD page.

Transcript: Available at Ade Bundy's Internet MWC DataBase and Married with Children... All Things Episodic.


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