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"The Juggs Have Left the Building" (1108)

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Last update February 26, 2006

Episode title: The Juggs Have Left the Building
Episode production code: 1108

Episode # in production code order: 243
Episode # in true US premiere order: 241
Episode # in old US premiere order: 242

US premiere date: December 1, 1996
US premiere time: 7:30 pm

Written by Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio
Directed by Gerry Cohen

First camera shot: Al sitting on the couch, a barrel of beer beside him.

Synopsis: On vacation in Branson, Missouri, Peggy and Kelly get to open for Tammy Wynette (who has a cameo) after winning a talent contest as a singing duo. But Peg wants them billed as a sister act.

Guest cast:
Cletus: Brent Hinkley
Daughter: Nicole Nagorsky
Emcee: Ritchie Montgomery
Buford: Doug Reid
Elmo: Dan Reid

Guest star:
Tammy Wynette († 1998)

General note: The Bundys stay at the "Deliverance Hotel" in Branson, Missouri. There is a "Ned Beatty Suite" and the gay concierge wants to make a canoe trip with Bud. Deliverance was Ed O'Neill's first movie. The Deliverance story also appeared in "A Period Piece" (0301).

Music: "Rockin' with the Rhythm of the Rain" by The Judds.

Influences: The episode title is inspired by the country duo "The Judds" (mother Naomi & daughter Wynonna) and a common phrase when a band leaves after a concert. The plot is also a parody on the Judds. Wynonna's actress sister Ashley was offered the stagehand part on "Home Improvement"; Pamela Anderson (MwC episodes 0501, 0523) got it after Ashley had declined it. Tammy Wynette died in 1998. Wynonna contributed to her tribute album "Remembered".

Goofs: At the start of Peg and Kelly's song you can see all of the studio lights on the "ceiling".

Kelly and Peggy

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