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"Grime and Punishment" (1104)

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Last update September 27, 2002

Episode title: Grime and Punishment
Episode production code: 1104

Episode # in production code order: 239
Episode # in true US premiere order: 246
Episode # in old US premiere order: 247

US premiere date: January 20, 1997
US premiere time: 9:30 pm

Written by Steve Faber & Bob Fisher
Directed by Sam W. Orender

First camera shot: Peggy on the couch, Al enters and starts to talk about his ATM card.

Synopsis: After Al starts charging Bud rent, his tennant starts making certain demands over his accomodation. Al refuses to co-operate, and is horrified when a building inspector labels him a slumlord and confines him to Bud's basement room until he agrees to make the required repairs.

Guest cast:
Health Inspector: Marianne Muellereile

Influences and references: The episode title was influenced by the novel "Crime And Punishment". Peggy's shadow on the wall was inspired by the movie "Nosferatu". Jefferson hides behind a picture of Brooke Burke.

Goofs: Marcy giggles after she throws the hammer at the moving nipples.

Transcript: Available at Ade Bundy's Internet MWC DataBase and Married with Children... All Things Episodic.


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