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"Have You Driven a Ford Lately" (0105)

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Last update February 10, 2005

Episode title: Have You Driven a Ford Lately?
Episode production code: 0105

Episode # in production code order: 5
Episode # in true US premiere order: 5
Episode # in old US premiere order: 5

US premiere date: May 3, 1987
US premiere time: 8 pm

Written by Richard Gurman & Katherine Green
Directed by Linda Day

First camera shot: Al is blowing his nose.

Synopsis: Al and Steve find a common bond as they restore a '65 Mustang; Peg and Marcy find a bond in detesting their husbands' all-consuming project.

No credited guest cast

General note: Bud is in 5th grade. The Mustang's license plate in Al's dream is Illinois F3B359. As we can see in "Sixteen Years and What Do You Get" (0103), this is actually Peggy's license plate.

Music: "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf.

Kelly's date: Roger

Influences and references: The highway scenes with the Mustang are a tribute to the movie "Easy Rider". The episode title was a Ford slogan.

Kelly's boyfriend: Roger

DVD: Information at Bundyology's DVD page.

Transcript: Available at Married with Children... All Things Episodic.


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