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"Bud Hits the Books" (1021)

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Last update October 16, 2001

Episode title: Bud Hits the Books
Episode production code: 1021

Episode # in production code order: 230
Episode # in true US premiere order: 231
Episode # in old US premiere order: 232

US premiere date: April 28, 1996
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: February 23, 1996

Written by Stacie Lipp
Directed by Sam W. Orender

First camera shot: Bud and a girl playing Strip Study.

Synopsis: Bud is in finals and must pull some good grades to graduate. Only problem is that he is going out with a hot new girl and sex is getting in the way of his studies. They make a pact to remain celibate until finals are over. Bud can't concentrate at home because Al subscribed to the new Big 'Uns Channel, so he goes to the school library. He just can't keep his mind off sex. The librarian lets Bud use a private room so he can study quietly, but now all of his books are conjuring up sexual images. He can't take it any longer and "takes care of business" in the study room. Little does he know that there is a video camera mounted in the room and Bud finds himself brought up on conduct charges by the university. It's up to Al, Marcy and the NO MA'AM guys to mount his defense. Despite everything, Bud still manages to graduate from college.

Recurring character cast:
Griff: Harold Sylvester
Ike: Tom McCleister
Ariel: Jennifer Lyons
Miss Hardaway: Beverly Archer
Miranda Cardinal: Teresa Parente

Guest cast:
Dean Markwand: Will Utay
Voice of Bob Packwood: Ed Gilbert

Bud's girl: Ariel (he has sex with her)

References: The episode title is an expression for "studying". Bud's line "absolutely 100% not guilty" were OJ Simpson's only words in his criminal trial. The line by Shakespeare is from his poem "The Rape of Lucrece".

Transcript: Available at Married with Children... All Things Episodic.

Miss Hardaway

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