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"I Can't Believe It's Butter" (1012)

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Last update February 26, 2006

Episode title: I Can't Believe It's Butter
Episode production code: 1012

Episode # in production code order: 221
Episode # in true US premiere order: 221
Episode # in old US premiere order: 222

US premiere date: December 17, 1995
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: November 17, 1995

Written by Scott Zimbler & Joel Valentincic
Directed by Sam W. Orender

First camera shot: Al comes down the stairs with a box.

Synopsis: Al gives a lonely Griff 20 free minutes on 1-900-YUMMY for Christmas, a phone sex line that soon has Griff hooked as a regular customer. When Al discovers who the voice of Griff's phone sex partner really is he then tries to keep Griff from going through with his plan of asking "Butter" to spend the holidays with him.

Recurring character cast:
Griff: Harold Sylvester
Bob Rooney: E.E. Bell
Ike: Tom McCleister
Officer Dan: Dan Tullis, Jr.
Peg's Mom (voice over): Kathleen Freeman († 2001)

Guest cast:
Belinda: Danica Sheridan
Cindy: Venessia Valentino
Bobby: Dijon Williams
Butter (voice over): Jennifer Martin

Influences: The episode title is inspired by the food "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter". The slogan "it's not just for breakfast anymore" used to advertise orange juice in the US.

Peggy and Al

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