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Translated from German
Gong Magazine is a German TV guide.
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Gong (Magazine)
August 19, 1994

From head girl to TV pumpkin

Reality and TV image are worlds apart for Christina Applegate aka "Kelly Bundy"

By Claus Preute
Gong Office Los Angeles

Pumpkin? Three months old, she was standing - or lying - in front of the camera for the first time in diapers. At eleven years old she bought a nice little house in Hollywood from her child star salaries. At eighteen she had two haziendas with pool and postcard view over the dream factory. Successful, clever young actress.

And there's even more: she was head girl of her high school class and she was brilliant at avant-garde theater plays before she blasted the TV screen as a tramp. She reads romantic classical writers and makes poems. In fact, we are talking about the actress playing the horny, greedy and brain dead "Kelly Bundy" from the cult series "Married... with Children."

"There were times," Christina Applegate admits, looking to the sky for help, "when I detested this awful image of a slutty bimbo. Some retarded machos who can't tell a TV comedy from reality tried to pick me up in a mean way many times. It was as if I was a naive stupid teenie who sleeps with every guy in real life."

Those days are over. "Today I'm proud of the fact that I can play the 'Kelly' part in such a convincing way. And aside from those guys I can live with that image very well." Thinking of her excellent reviews and her imposing bank account makes the dark blonde series star smile. She gives an advice to America's moralizers who called the "Bundys" vulgar, indecent and pornographic: "Just switch the channel and watch 'Sleeping Beauty'."

The daughter of the successful soap opera actress Nancy Priddy is an eco-activist who supports homeless people together with other Hollywood stars. One day she wants to study literature but her agent keeps on offering her good movie parts ("Across the Moon," "Fortune's Girl," "Vibrations"). And then there are the never ending "Bundys" as well...

The love life of the former rock groupie still comes off at night clubs, where she hides her curves and her TV image in large silk and woolen clothing. "I would never present my breasts with a push-up bra in a show window like 'Kelly' does!"

She travelled all Europe as a backpacker with rocker Angel Broadhurst in summer two years ago [1992]. Madonna's ex-lover Tony Ward became her great love in May. Does she take drugs? "I saw River Phoenix die from an overdose [on October 31, 1993] in front of Johnny Depp's 'Viper Room'," Christina remembers. "That's enough for me."

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