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 Season Four DVD DVD Set Name
Married With Children - The Complete Fourth Season

US Release Date
August 30, 2005

Number of DVDs

English, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


Main Material
All 23 season four episodes in true US premiere order.

Interesting Bonus Material

Unnecessary Bonus Material

Known Edits
The opening and end titles don't feature the original theme song Love and Marriage except on Buck Saves the Day during the end credits. See the season three description for details. This is also the reason why eight episodes are US syndicated versions (i.e. about 40 seconds shorter versions for US reruns on local stations) instead of original versions (deleted lines in italic). Episode 0413 is even almost 4 minutes shorter:
0402 - Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics:
[Jim just announced that Peggy won the contest]
Peggy: I can't believe it! I can't believe it. I've never won anything. I've never had anything. Oh finally, someone special to share my life with.
Al: Uh, Peg, I know you never asked for my permission when we got married or when you conceived the children, but if you think that fruit loop is staying in my house...
[Peggy ignores him and runs back to a depressed Marcy]
Peggy: Oh, Marcy.
Marcy! I get to see Jim Jupiter do squat thrusts for two whole weeks in my house. Can you believe it?
0403 - Buck Saves the Day
First edit: zoom-out from Al's foot until Peggy says "honey" right at the beginning. No missing lines.
Second edit: when the neighbourhood boys are waiting in front of the door. Again, no missing lines.
Third edit: before Al switches on a flashlight, he is setting up a mound of sticks. Steve has his arms wrapped around an uncomfortable Bud and Joey. Steve is singing "Ghost Riders in the Sky".
Steve [singing]: A bolt of fear ran through him as they thundered through the sky... He saw the riders coming hard... and he heard their mournful cry. Yippee-I-ayyyy, yippee-I-ohhhh... ghost riders in the sky!
Victor: Weenie-rama.

0410 - At the Zoo
Al: Don't let them bother you, Marcy; ignore them, chew your cud and hold your horns up high.
Marcy: Excuse me, but did a pig just burp in here? Oh well. Here I am feeling sorry for myself when my poor Steve has been out looking for work all day long. He must be exhausted. You know, he's been coming home even more tired than I am.
[Marcy doesn't notice Steve as he hops past the patio door, while he is changing his clothes.]
Marcy: Have you seen him?
Peggy: Well, he was nowhere near the zoo.
Al: Don't look at me. I'm blind from hunger.

[Steve bursts in, wearing his suit.]
Steve: Oh, boy, what a day.
0413 - It's A Bundyful Life, Part 2 with huge edits, almost all of them in the first half of the episode:
First edit (entire opening scene with snow cones)
[The Bundy kitchen. Peggy is standing at the stove, holding an ice cream scoop. There is a bowl in front of her. She calls out to Kelly.]
Peggy: Kelly honey! Hurry up! Daddy will be home any minute with our presents. Oh, and did you dress for the Annual Christmas Feast at Denny's?
[Kelly comes downstairs wearing a red, midriff-baring top and skirt ensemble.]
Kelly: Is this okay, mom? I haven't worn it since Grandma's funeral.
Peggy: Well, it did knock 20 percent of the enbalming. Hey, maybe they'll give us a deal on the Christmas platter. [bringing the bowl to the table] Okay, come help me make snow cones for Daddy. [calls out again] Bud, hurry up! We can't make them without you!
[Bud enters from the back door, carrying a shovel full of snow.]
Bud: Heeerrree's the snow!
[He dumps the snow into the bowl. Peggy picks up an ice-cream cone and begins to scoop snow into it.]
Peggy: Okay, who wants lime?
Kelly: I do.
Peggy: Hand me the mouthwash.
[Kelly grabs some mouthwash off the counter behind her and gives it to Peg. She pours the mouthwash over the "ice cream" she just prepared and it becomes green.]
Bud: I want cherry!
Peggy: Okay, give me the cough syrup.
[Kelly retrieves the cough syrup and Peg pours the red liquid over Bud's snow cone.]
Peggy: Ooh, it's really beginning to feel like Christmas, isn't it, kids?
Kelly: Do you remember when we couldn't afford snow cones?
Bud: Yep. Life is good.
[Bud wipes away a tear.
Al enters, looking dejected.]
Second edit (Al is explaining why he has no presents)
Al: ... I was coming home with great presents, when I was surrounded by a band of... bears, and Indians. See, normally you wouldn't think the two would get along, but there they were! I fought them with everything that I had but they... they took all my presents and they, uh, they flew away.
Kelly [in concern]: Oh, Daddy, are you okay?
Third edit (Al talks to Buck, sings and talks to drunk Marcy)
[Peggy, Kelly and Bud leave for Denny's.]
Al: [shouting at the closed door] Bring me back some pie crust!
[Al, dejected, sits on the couch next to Buck and talks to him.]
Al: Well, Buck, old friend... I guess it's just you and me, huh boy? [Buck growls and barks at Al and he recoils.]
Al: Fine, fine. I don't care. I'm enjoying my holiday.
[He sits on the couch, puts his feet on the coffe table and starts singing "Winter Wonderland".]
Al: Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening... Just the dogs! [Buck doesn't react] Just the man who's losing his mind! [continues singing] Beautiful sight, happy tonight... [stops singing] Oh please, somebody shoot me!
[He hangs his head in his hands. The scene changes to the veranda, where Al is working on the Christmas lights that are hung around the garage window. A neighbour calls out to Al.]
Neighbour: Hey, Bundy! My family gave me a new TV set for Christmas. What are you gettin'?
Al: Well, if I was one of the guys down at the post office, Donnelly, I'd be unwrapping your wife!
[Al tends to his Christmas lights. Marcy, still stinking drunk from her Christmas party, approaches Al.]
Marcy: Excuse me, Marcy! I'm Al. Do you know where I live?
Al: Why didn't you let me into the bank, Marcy?
Marcy: I was going to! But I got so sleepy. I guess I fell asleep. But you gotta see this. [shows Al a picture] Some bimbo got so smashed she xeroxed her behind. [laughs] Ah, verybody got one. Oh, imagine the humilation when she shows up for work Monday morning!
Al: Yeah, it's a Christmas to remember alright. Well, let's get you home. Now, we'll hail a cab, tell him to take you to dock 43, walk up the the first toothless man you see, show him this picture, and you're home!
Marcy [smiling at Al]: Thank you, Al. Don't tell anybody, but I'm going to throw up in your next door neighbor's mailbox.
[She giggles, then looks at the picture again.]
Marcy: Look at this scrawny little thing!
[Al smiles, Marcy giggles and stumbles off. Al goes back to his lights.]

Al: Well, let's see how the lights work.
Fourth edit: Angel pauses longer before he says ""NOOO!!!"
Fifth edit: Longer laugh track when Al mentions Peg's relatives.
Sixth edit
Angel: ... what's it going to take to convince you that I'm your guardian angel?
Al: Fly around, play a harp.
Angel: Hey, I'm an angel, not Tommy Tune. I see it's the old stand-by, huh? Tell you what - make a wish. Anything off the top of your head.

Al: Make my Christmas lights work.
Seventh edit (the only one in the second half of the episode)
Angel [with sarcasm]: Gee, that's weird. I guess after I died women started lying, huh? Boy, tell ya, if they ever start using sex to get what they want, I'm outta here.
[Bud enters.]
0414 - Rock and Roll Girl
0416 - You Gotta Know when to Hold 'Em, Part 1
0421 - Peggy Made a Little Lamb
0419 - Rain Girl
Al: [with fake cheerfulness] Oh man, we're broke, cha cha cha. Everybody flat broke, cha cha cha. Living in the gutter, cha cha cha. Early grave, cha cha cha. All right now, everybody shoot me!
Bud: [to Peggy] I know what he needs when he gets like this. [to Al] Dad, let's go outside and I'll toss a frisbee to you and Buck.
Al: Oh no, you always toss it good to him, but me you make jump. There must be some way I can raise my income. Wait a second, I just thought of something. Peg, do you think I should ask for a raise?
Peggy: Oh no, Honey, that would be too demeaning. Make them come to you. We can make it. I know I don't mind living with a guy who has a 55 dollar limit on his mastercharge.
[Kelly comes in, looking dejected.]
Kelly: Kiss me with a hammer!
Remark I: Only with these lines Al's later "I have to concentrate on this raise thing" line makes sense.
Remark II: The original Rain Girl version was published earlier on the Married...With Children: The Most Outrageous Episodes! Volume 2 DVD.

What Else Should Have Been on the Set
What about some bloopers or an entire episode from the early Friday taping?

About US$ 28, e.g. at

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Thanks to Joe Siegler and Eugene Johnson.

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