Season Three on DVD

Last update June 26, 2005.

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 Season Three DVD DVD Set Name
Married With Children - The Complete Third Season

US Release Date
January 25, 2005

Number of DVDs

English, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


Main Material
All 22 season three episodes in true US premiere order, including The Lost Show.

Interesting Bonus Material
10 "easter eggs": previously unpublished excerpts from the cast's reunion special chat, just like on the season two DVD set. The clips are rather short. See the list at the bottom of this page.

Unnecessary Bonus Material
3 trailers (i.e. commercials for comedy shows).

Known Edits
The opening and end titles don't feature the original theme song Love and Marriage due to higher royalty demands of the song's rights owners. Negotiations about this issue also caused the delay in publishing this set. You can hear the opening and closing themes at Sitcoms Online. They sound somewhat similar to Love and Marriage.

What Else Should Have Been on the Set
What about some bloopers or an entire episode from the early Friday taping?

About US$ 27, e.g. at

Official Page
Sitcoms Online

Easter Eggs
 Egg  Disc Page Button  Arrow LengthTopic
#1#1Easter EggsHintup0:43Al wants Bud for bowling
#2#1Main MenuPlay All Episodesleft0:38Jokes about characters
#3#1Episode 1-4Main Menudown1:50A Period Piece
#4#1Episode 5-7Episode 5up1:13David
#5#2Main MenuEpisode Selectionsright1:09Working together
#6#2Episode 8-11Episode 9up0:38Ed can't remember a line
#7#2Episode 12-14Episode 14right0:29Importance of the audience
#8#3Main MenuEpisode Selectionsdown1:03The cast hanging out
#9#3Episode 15-18Episode 16up0:35Christina about the power of women
#10#3Episode 19-22Main Menudown1:05Christina about short skirts

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