Season Two on DVD

Last update February 10, 2005.

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 Season Two DVD DVD Set Name
Married With Children - The Complete Second Season

US Release Date
March 16, 2004

Number of DVDs

English, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


Main Material
All 22 season two episodes in production code order

Interesting Bonus Material
13 "easter eggs": previously unpublished excerpts from the cast's reunion special chat. They are rather short, though. See the list at the bottom of this page.

Unnecessary Bonus Material
4 trailers (i.e. commercials for comedy shows).

Known Edits
0206 - Al: "...I'm calling her Heidi." Repairgirl: "Uh, Mr. Bundy, I've just found something else... a report card for someone named Kelly." Al: "I knew that schools still give out report cards!" Steve: "I feel kind of like a pig..."
0207 - At the end of Al's dream scene, the girl dancing with him licks his stomach.

What Else Should Have Been on the Set
0217 - Peggy's introduction to the last scene. Check the general note on the episode page for details.

Between US$ 28 and 30, e.g. at

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Easter Eggs
 Egg  Disc Page Button  Arrow LengthTopic
#1#1Easter EggsHintup0:44Cars of the cast
#2#1Main MenuEpisode Selectionsup1:12Casting of the kids
#3#1Episode 1-3Episode 2up0:33Never done TV before
#4#1Episode 4-6Arrow to the Leftup0:55Chemistry of the cast
#5#1Episode 7-9Episode 9left1:02Pummel men's scrotums
#6#1TrailersMain Menuleft0:39Conflicts in the cast
#7#2Main MenuPlay All Episodesdown0:55Peggy
#8#2Episode 10-12Main Menuup0:43Marcy
#9#2Episode 13-15Episode 13up0:56Al & Peg in High School
#10#2Episode 16-18Main Menudown0:35Luke Ventura
#11#3Main MenuEpisode Selectionsup0:45Living in poverty
#12#3Episode 19-22Episode 21left1:08Leavitt & Moye

Thanks a lot to Nitzan Gilkis, David and Marriedaniac.

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