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Last update September 6, 2009.

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 Season One Fan Favorites DVD Set Name
Married With Children: Fan Favorites

US Release Date
September 29, 2009

Number of DVDs

English Stereo


Included Episodes
0102 - THINERGY - Peggy & Al make a diet.
0103 - SIXTEEN YEARS AND WHAT DO YOU GET? - Al & Peggy's 16th anniversary.
0104 - BUT I DIDN'T SHOOT THE DEPUTY - Steve & Marcy buy a guard dog.
0105 - HAVE YOU DRIVEN A FORD LATELY? - Al & Steve buy a Ford Mustang.
0106 - WHOSE ROOM IS IT ANYWAY? - Steve & Marcy want to build a new room.
0107 - AL LOSES HIS CHERRY - Al wants to sleep at Luke's. Last episode with Luke.
0108 - PEGGY SUE GOT WORK - Peggy gets a job in a watch department store.
0109 - MARRIED... WITHOUT CHILDREN - Steve & Marcy take care of Bud & Kelly.

Missing Episodes
0101 - PILOT - Steve & Marcy visit the Bundys for the first time.
0110 - THE POKER GAME - Steve loses his paycheck to Al in a poker game.
0111 - WHERE'S THE BOSS? - Al quits his job as his boss doesn't want to meet him.
0112 - NIGHTMARE ON AL'S STREET - Marcy dreams of Al.
0113 - JOHNNY B. GONE - The last day of "Johnny B. Good's" diner.

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Unnecessary Bonus Material

Known Edits and Goofs

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