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Bundy Family Cars

The Bundys family Dodge actually appears to be a 1972 Plymouth Duster with an optional vinyl top. Therefore it's funny to hear Al say in 0917: "I don't want a Plymouth, Peg, I want my Dodge, dagnabbit!" Plymouth and Dodge are both owned by Chrysler, and both companies have models originally based on the Valiant. Therefore the car looks similar to some Dodge Darts. It is a Plymouth nevertheless. The white tail lights are wider than on the 1970 and 1971 Duster models. Also, when you take a closer look at the engine in 1020, it looks like a hi-pro 340ci 4 barral, putting out 300hp. It was Chryslers small block race engine, so it's quite the opposite of what the MwC writers make us believe about Al's car. Other "facts" from the series: in episode 0724, the Dodge was given as a 1974 model (just like the Blues Brothers' car), but in 1020 she was said to be from 1971. Even worse, episode 1107 tells us that Al had her already on the day of his 4 touchdowns triumph which was in 1966.

The Dodge is brown (or bronze) (0305, 0409, 0603, 0623, 0706, 0715, 0809, 0817, 0902) even though episode 0409 tells us that she was blue until that episode. In 0917 this Dodge becomes red in a car wash (confirmed in 1005, 1107, 1109). In fact, she was red when she was new (0917, 1107). The license plate is Illinois "61 CMS 2" (0816, 1118) or "2 RPH 72" (0623). In 0409 the odometer passes 100'000 miles. In 0817 the Dodge passes one million miles, i.e. Al drove 900'000 miles in four and a quarter years. Al's car key is a screwdriver (0917). The dodge has an 8-track (0724), a late 60s to early 70s tape player.

In the first five seasons the Bundys have a second car (0103, 0208, 0219, 0221, 0407, 0415, 0502, 0520). We can see Peggy's dark brown car in episode 0103 with the license plate Illinois "F3B 359" (which is also used for the 1965 Mustang bought by Al & Steve in 0105). In 0220 Peggy wins a red 1989 Mustang GT Convertible which reappears in 0502. I guess they sold the dark brown car when they got the convertible. However, the Mustang disappeared mysteriously after episode 0520.

The Dodge in episode 0409.

 The Dodge

Rhoades / D'Arcy Cars

The Rhoades and D'Arcys always drive fancy German cars. Steve's Mercedes is mentioned in 0204, 0216, 0219, 0301, 0321, 0401 and 0503. They call "him" Klaus (0321). We can never see him, but there is his steering wheel in 0321. Steve probably took the Mercedes with him when he left Marcy after episode 0415. The D'Arcys 3 Series BMWs are mentioned in episode 0516 when Jefferson bought them with the license plates "Love Him" and "Love Her". These Beemers can be seen in 0623 and 0724. After that they got an SL Mercedes which is mentioned in 0817, 1010, 1017, 1022, 1109, 1114 and 1123. In episode 1101, we can see that its license plate Illinois KDG 12.

Other Cars

In 0817, Al tries to win a 1994 Dodge Viper. A viper is also mentioned in 0909.

Other BMWs are mentioned in 0204, 0309, 0804, 0806 and 0812. Other Mercedeses are mentioned in 0113, 0315, 0319, 0407, 0724, 0502, 0804 and 1101. Porsches are mentioned and featured in 0204, 0207, 0404, 0409, 0419, 0605, 0610, 0711, 0804, 1001 and 1123. In 0502, Marcy talks about Steve's Mercedes: "Keep your husbands out of German cars! Ask me what 'Fahrvergnügen' means!" That German word was a Volkswagen slogan, meaning something like "pleasure to drive". In 0623, the Swedish bikini team drives a Volkswagen Beetle, just like Kelly in 0819. More Volkswagens are featured in 0513 and 0806.

In 0105, Al and Steve buy a 1965 Ford Mustang. Another Mustang is mentioned in 0317 and 0318. More Ford Mustangs are mentioned in 0317, 0318, 0606, 0614 and 0616. Ford Pintos are mentioned in 0413, 0901 and 1005.

Lincoln Town Cars can be seen in 0724 and 0917. Cadillac is mentioned in 0409, 0609, 0909 and 1004. A Cadillac Allanté is featured in 0506. Chevrolet is mentioned in 0203 and 0506, a Chevrolet Corvette in 0321, a Chevrolet Cobra in 0901. A Jeep Renegade can be seen in 0623. Jeep is also mentioned in 0724. Studebaker and the Hudson Hornet are mentioned in 0803. The AMC Pacer was mentioned in 0803 and 1020, the AMC Gremlin in 1020. Buick was mentioned in 1010. Geo Metros are mentioned in 0905, 0921, 1004 and 1012. Oldsmobile is mentioned in 0907. A Pontiac Trans Am is mentioned in 1117, and a Pontiac GTO in 0105.

Jaguar is mentioned in 0410, 0806 and 1024. Rolls-Royce is mentioned in 0309. The DeLorean is mentioned in 0901.

Ferraris are mentioned in 0407 and 0409. Maserati is mentioned in 0409 and 1106.

Volvos are mentioned in 0204, 0618 and 1109.

Hyundai is mentioned in 0917.

Yugo is mentioned in 1118.

In 0310, Kelly mentions a hearse.

The Dodge's front in 0817 and its back in 0816.

 The Dodge

Thanks a lot to "Clay" and Andy. Special thanks to Rafael Mendez and "Dust"!

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