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 Carolyn and David

As posted by Carolyn Marie Crapo at alt.tv.mwc on October 3, 2001. Comments by Andreas Carl in [brackets].

Well, well, well.

I, your humble charter Steveadore [the name for a Bundy fan prefering Steve to Jefferson], have now been hugged and kissed by David Garrison! And I have photographic proof, at least of the hug. It's being sent to Andreas right now; where he'll put it is up to him. (Hey! Stop that giggling!) [It's right on top of these lines]

The Broadway Flea Market was this Sunday, September 30 [2001]. Part of it is the Celebrity Table, where Broadway people sign autographs and pose for pictures to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity (the main stage actors' union) Fights AIDS, and this year for the Twin Towers Fund. Because of security, they couldn't get a permit to block off 44h Street as usual so a lot of things moved indoors. The celebrity table was in the lobby of the Minskoff Theater. David was one of about fifteen celebrities and I had great little chats with Cherry Jones, Romain Fruge, and Bat Boy himself, Deven May. But David was definitely the highlight.

I introduced myself by saying something like, "Hello, Mr. Garrison, would you mind signing a program for something you did with Faith Prince?" He smiled and reached for what he thought would be a BELLS ARE RINGING playbill but instead exclaimed happily when I surprised him with one for THE TORCH BEARERS, a small play he'd done in early 2000 for the off-off-Broadway Drama Department. It's a prestigious little theater although it's so cramped that men and women's "dressing rooms" are one basement room separated with a blanket on a rope, a la IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. But, in addition to being with his friend Faith (they were married in the play, in fact) he got to work with one of the greatest of American stage stars, Marian Seldes. I mentioned how funny she'd been and he looked up and said how much fun they'd had doing TORCH, and what a nice woman she was. He was very chipper and seemed pretty happy to be there, and between visitors I saw him chatting with some of the other stars at the table, many of whom he'd worked with over the years.

At the end of the line, for an additional ten bucks for charity, they'd take a picture of you and the celeb(s) of your choice. I waited in line for a while and then David was summoned and came cheerfully up to the platform. They took a few photos of him against the background of Times Square for publicity purposes, as they did with all of them, since I was the first one who'd asked for David. Then they brought me up, and he shook my hand, wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and put his adorable head right next to mine. I was thrilled. The picture went into this little white folder and, when I mentioned to David I'd seen him in HOLLYWOOD/UKRAINE (a little white lie, I'd voted for it but the high school theatre club I was in vied for SWEENEY TODD instead so I missed it and was too young to go by myself despite my strong Marxist leanings) he insisted with a grin that I couldn't possibly be old enough and blew on the Polaroid picture as it developed. He then knelt on the platform and wrote "From Hollywood/Ukraine to the Millennium! All best wishes, David Garrison" (ho-kay...) and handed it back to me. I asked him what he'd be doing next and he shrugged blithely and said he wasn't sure, "whatever I can get", and then smiled again, kissed me on the right cheek (!) and shook my hand as he left the platform.

(BTW, he looks great in the picture and I look lousy. Cameras HATE me and almost always have. I have very few good pictures of myself; a big smile looks makes me look like a pumpkin and a small one looks like a smirk. And I only need to lose 15 pounds to reach 120 again, not 50, but you wouldn't know it from the picture. So, Steveadores. just give me a fleeting glance and look at David instead. That's probably what you'll do anyway.)

I floated off the little stage, took my picture and wrapped it up with my autographs and Playbills, and wafted out of the Minskoff and into rainy, windswept, cold 45th Street. I didn't feel the weather as I went up the block to Joe Allen's, a theatrical restaurant that I've been to many times before, to meet some friends for lunch. It was a great day -- I got to contribute to some worthy causes and meet some terrific actors, among them one of my favorites. And so nice to really find out how much more relaxed and together an actor is than his character! Not that I wouldn't mind going to Joe Allen's with Steve...


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