10 vor 10 (Swiss TV News Show):
Interview with David Faustino

Last update December 21, 1998

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10 vor 10 [10 to 10]
TV News Show

SF DRS 1 (Swiss TV Station)
August 24, 1998

3 Sat (German-language TV Station)
August 25, 1998

Partly translated from German. Descriptions of the situation in italic. Additional comments in [brackets].

Introduction by news anchor Eva Wannemacher: Bud Bundy, the clumsy boy who never grows up. His family is the "terribly nice family" [the translated German name of "Married... with Children" is "A Terribly Nice Family"]. Since he was 12, David Faustino plays Bud Bundy in this US sitcom. Now the 24 year old actor wants to learn more in Hollywood than delivering punch lines for canned laughter [in dubbed versions of the show]. A report by Susanne Kaltenbach and Michael Milker.

We hear "Love and Marriage" and how David is introduced to the studio audience in "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" (1002). Then we see a couple of scenes from "Married.. with Children". Voice over: Bud Bundy. He's the everlasting son from "Married... with Children", probably one of the most successful comedy series of all times. David Faustino was part of it from the beginning. When he was twelve, the twenty-four year old already played the clumsy fellow who is always quarreling with his sister an who isn't successful with women.

David Faustino, sitting on an audience chair in a small theater: I missed a lot of my education. On the set you have a teacher three hours a day. You don't really learn; you always wanna go back to the stage or hang around. I never really paid attention.

 David Faustino

We see the scene with paper towels in Kelly's bra from "Have You Driven a Ford Lately" (105). Voice over: Ed O'Neill, the actor playing Bud's father, explains how the humor of the Bundys works.

Ed O'Neill, on the Bundy couch: The humor of it is that they don't change at all. They stay always the same, they don't grow at all.

We see an acting school. Voice over: Since David has plans, he takes acting classes in LA. One of his school-mates is the German Thorsten Froges. There's a tremendous difference of size between the 205 cm [6' 9½"] tall man from Hamburg and the 150 cm [4' 11", but actually he is 5'3" = 160 cm] small Faustino. However, this doesn't seem to disturb their friendship. They enjoy practising together.

David Faustino: Being on "Married... with Children" got me a lot of fame and of course some money. Now I wanna go to the next level. I try to do something else. Bud didn't get much respect, do you know what I mean? He was kind of a loser.

We see David Faustino on a party. Voice over: In the world of the rich and beautiful, David Faustino is a welcome visitor. Here he disports himself with Sheryl [Crow], Naomi [Campbell] and Cindy [Crawford] on a party of the designer Tommy Hilfiger. David wears Hilfiger's products. The blonde next to him is Jenny [Elaine Hendrix], meanwhile his ex-girlfriend. For David Faustino it's not really easier to find a girl than for unlucky Bud.

David Faustino: It's hard to meet a good girl in LA. Especially if you're a successful man. You don't know what they want. You want somebody special, but you never know if she likes your fame or if she really likes you.

We see the scene with the Bundy answering machine in "The Joke's on Al" (1026). Voice over: It's not easy to survive as an actor in Hollywood.

David Faustino: Depends on who you are, again. You know, if you have talent... talent is number one, you know. It's gotta be inside of you. No acting class or teacher is able to give it to you. I don't believe in luck, more in things like fate, destiny. But who knows, maybe I just had luck, I don't know.

We see Al holding a big cheque in "The Joke's on Al" (1026). Then we hear the song "Movie Star". Voice over: David Faustino plans a lot of things. He produces music videos, he auditions for movies, he owns a rap club and he also wants to direct soon. Finally, a tip for his female fans in Europe.

David Faustino, shining with pleasure: I'm single... so what's up?

News anchor: Married... with Children starts on SF 2 today.

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