Casados con hijos (Colombian Remake)

Last update May 13, 2010

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Married... with Children is broadcasted in Colombia as "Casados con hijos", which is simply a translation of the original title. There is also a 2004 Colombian adaption of the show with the same name. The Argentinian and Chilean remakes are also named Casados con hijos. The Bundys are the Rocha family. The premiere took place in 2004 on Caracol Televisión. Recordings stopped in 2005 after 26 episodes.

The show also airs in Venezuela on Televen.

Original Character    Colombian Character   Colombian Actor
Al BundyFrancisco "Paco" Rocha    Santiago Rodríguez
Peggy BundyDolores "Lola" RochaLorna Paz
Kelly BundyKelly RochaLina Luna
Bud Bundy (early ep.)Willington "Willy" RochaIván Gonzáles
Bud Bundy (late ep.)Willington "Willy" RochaLuis Miguel Gonzáles
Marcy Rhoades / D'Arcy  Amparito PachónMaría Isabel Henao
Steve RhoadesÓscar PachónPity Camacho
Jefferson D'ArcyÓscar PachónJorge Marín

Thanks a lot to Julián Ortega Martínez.

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