Casados con hijos (Chilean Remake)

Last update February 1, 2009

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A Chilean version premiered on May 2, 2006, on Mega. It's called Casados con hijos - just like the Spanish name for the original version in South America and the name of the Colombian and Argentinian remakes. The Chilean version ended in October of 2008 after all 259 episodes. Along with the Russian version, it is the most successful remake.

Original Character    Chilean Character   Chilean Actor
Al BundyTito Larraín  Fernando Larraín
Peggy BundyMarí Eugenia Gómez / Quena de Larraín  Javiera Contador
Kelly BundyMaría Fernanda "Titi" Larraín  Dayana Amigo
Bud BundyNacho LarraínFernando Godoy
Marcy RhoadesMarcia DuránCarmen Gloria Bresky
Steve RhoadesPablo PintoMarcial Tagle

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