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Bundy Genealogy

The name Bundy comes from the ancient English expression Bond which used to signify a member of a tribe bound together by loyalty to their chief. Later the name came to signify a farmer holding lands from a Lord. Probably different Bundys emigrated from England to Virginia and North Carolina. One of them was William Bundy, born 1630, died March 27, 1692 (wife Elizabeth, born 1640, died March 4, 1676 or 1677) who emigrated around 1660 first to Rhode Island and then on to Albermaro Colony - later known as North Carolina. He was a Quaker, a lawyer, a judge, and a member of the Council of Albormoro Colony around 1690. Some real life Bundys of today are looking for their roots. You might wanna check out the Bundy Family Genealogy Forum, Ancestors of the Bundys or Ron Bundy's JustPassn'Time's site.

King Kong Bundy on MwC King Kong Bundy

King Kong Bundy is the favourite wrestler of Married with Children's creators Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye. They named the Bundy family after him. He appeared on two MwC episodes (222 and 1007) and Al Bundy denied that he is related to him (on episode 1007). His real name is Christopher "Chris" Pallies and he also used the wrestling names Crippler Canyon, Man Mountain Cannon Jr, Chris Cannon, Big Daddy Bundy and Boom Boom Bundy. King Kong Bundy was a World Wrestling Federation star in the 80s. On April 7, 1986, he challenged WWF Champion Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania II without success.

Ted Bundy Ted Bundy (1946-1989)

Theodore Robert Bundy was a law student and Young Republican. He confessed to have killed 28 women in Washington State, Utah and Florida from 1973 to 1978. During that time he was arrested and spent some time in various jails but he could escape twice. After his final arrest Ted Bundy was sentenced to death in three different trials from 1978 to 1980 where he defended himself. Some Bundy fans think that the creators of MwC named the Bundys after Ted Bundy, but they denied that repeatedly, eg in the E! True Hollywood Story special. It definitely makes more sense that they named the family after King Kong Bundy. He was executed on January 24, 1989.

Bundy Drive Bundy Drive

On June 12, 1996, former football star and actor ("Naked Gun") OJ Simpson's wife and her boyfriend were killed at 875 South Bundy Drive in Brentwood, Los Angeles (CA). OJ was mentioned twice exactly three weeks before on the premiere of episode 823.

McGeorge Bundy McGeorge Bundy (1919-1996)

McGeorge Bundy was the "Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs" (National Security Advisor, NSA) to US Presidents Kennedy and Johnson from 1961 to 1966. The NSA is the President's powerful personal foreign affairs advisor. Therefore McGeorge Bundy played a major role in the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban missile crisis, the escalation of the Vietnam War and the intervention in the revolution in the Dominican Republic. As a child he was a classmate of John F. Kennedy. From 1953 to 1961 he was dean of arts and sciences at Harvard. From 1966 to 1979 he was the President of the philanthropic Ford Foundation and from 1979 to 1989 he was a professor for history at the New York University.

Laura Bell Bundy Laura Bell Bundy (Born 1981)

Apart from Kelly one of the rare good looking Bundys. Laura Bell Bundy is an American actress and singer. She played in many Broadway musicals, such as Hairspray and Legally Blonde. She also had some small parts in movies and TV series. In 2007, she started a country singer career with her first album Longing for a Place Already Gone. Her second album Achin' and Shakin' peaked #5 in the US country billboard in April 2010.

Bundy Student Instruments

In 1885 Henri Selmer begins manufacturing clarinets and mouthpieces at 4 Place Dancourt in Paris. Henri's brother Alexandre comes to the United States to become Principal Clarinetist of the Boston Symphony in 1898, playing Henri's intruments. Alexandre moves to Cincinnati in 1901, becoming Principal for the Cincinnati Symphony. In 1904 Alexandre has the first catalogues printed and establishes a sales office at Cincinnati. He moves to New York in 1909 as Principal Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic and opens a Selmer retail store on 86th Street. George Bundy, an outstanding pupil of Alexandre Selmer, started working in the store the same year. When Alexandre moved back to Paris in 1911, he left George Bundy in charge of the New York City store. Bundy immediately contacted several American band instrument and accessory manufacturers and added many different lines of products to the retail store. In 1927 George Bundy buys the store from the Selmers, changing the name to H. & A. Selmer, Inc. There was no remaining financial connection between the Selmers in Paris and Selmer in America. Mr. Bundy was appointed the sole distributor for Selmer Paris instruments in the United States and opened a manufacturing plant in Elkhart, Indiana. In 1941 Bundy starts the very successful Bundy line of student instruments. There are Bundy saxophones, clarinets, trumpets and flutes. During the 50s and 60s H. & A. Selmer, Inc. bought some instrument producers like Vincent Bach or Buescher.

Mrs. Bundy on The Birds

On Alfred Hitchcock's thriller The Birds we meet Mrs. Bundy, played by Ethel Griffies (1878-1975). Mrs. Bundy is a local hobby ornithologist who keeps on saying that birds don't attack people and that bird species don't coordinate their actions.

Ted Bundy Shoe Stores

There are several Al Bundy shoe stores in the United States, e.g. the Bundy Shoe Company at the St. Louis Union Station Mall.

Thanks to Alex De Rouck and Ruud van Rosmalen.

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