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Pig out with Peg - Secrets from the Bundy Family Kitchen (see picture below)
by Peg Bundy / as told to Linda Merinoff
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN: 0-380-76431-8
Paperback, Nov 1990, 113 pages; a tv tie-in cook book, featuring a range of Bundy-style recipes, related by the characters, with a narrative by Peggy, and a range of photographs.

Bundyisms - The Wit and Wisdom of America's Last Family
Publisher: Boulevard Books
ISBN: 1572972513
Paperback, May 1997, 128 pages; a novelty book of quotes from the series first nine seasons, including scripts featuring Steve. Also included is a range of photographs from various seasons.

The Big Book of Bundyisms
This publication was announced by Boulevard Books as a follow-up to their 1997 tome "Bundyisms", with a publication date of December 1997. However, the book was never published, as with the show out of production, it was no longer seen as a viable project.

Hollywood Raw
by Joseph Bauer
Publisher: SPI Books
ISBN: 1-56171-246-9
Hollywood Raw is an account of the show from 1988 to 1990, written by David Faustino's former tutor Joe Bauer. This book is badly written and full of spelling mistakes. It is mostly about backlot intrigue among the "warring camps" of cast, writers, and producers that make up the MwC industry. Christina Applegate is described as selfish and obsessed by sex. David Faustino thinks that stars can do and achieve anything they want. The entire cast is vulgar and stuck-up. MwC fans are no-life drooling idiots. Guest actor Sam Kinison is a poor rich drug addict. It's hard to tell if there are any facts about the show in this book.

The Official Married With Children Trivia Book
by Anton Jacik
Publisher: BookSurge
ISBN: 1-59457-592-4
Paperback, 2004, 46 pages
Despite its misleading title - there is nothing official about this book - you will find many interesting trivia questions on four fan levels (simple, medium, hard & expert). I guess you should be able to answer all of them using Bundyology as an MwC encyclopedia.

 Pig out with Peg

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Thanks a lot to Carolyn Crapo, Ralph Morse, StuartM, Niklaus Meier and Ade Bundy.

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