Bud Bundy

Last update September 4, 2002

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 Bud Bundy Important Basic Facts

Budrick "Bud" Franklin Bundy, played by David Faustino, is the smart son of the family. He has always been an a-student (already mentioned in the pilot episode) and goes to college at Trumaine University after high school. Although he is obsessed with sex, he hardly gets a chance with girls. Therefore he has a blow-up doll called Isis in his room, he masturbates frequently and his family often teases him about his pathetic sex life. Bud hasn't real friends or a regular job, either.

Useless Additional Facts

 Bud Bundy Bud's birthday was given as January 22 (703). His middle was given in 806 and 1015, his full first name in 209, 218, 413, 524, 815 and 1115. In episode 502, he became a high school senior (the senior grade is the last year in high school) and he went to college at Trumaine University (Est. 1942) from ep. 711 to ep. 1021 where he makes it into the Dean's list and tries to get to Oxford University. Bud becomes the President of his own "Alpha Gonna Get'em" fraternity in ep. 706 and he joins "Gamma Gamma Sigma Pi" in ep. 804. He worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) from episode 902 on and was fired in episode 1001 as he worked too much. After that he tried to be an agent for Kelly, but he also had celebrity clients like Tina Yothers (1106) and Delta Burke (1121, no appearance of her). Bud played in the soccer team "Reepers" (512, 513). Bud has several (ep. 923) latex (701) dolls. His doll Isis can be seen in ep. 703, 904, 918, 923, 1002, 1010, 1103, and 1120. You can often read that Jamie (played by Joey Lauren Adams) took Bud's virginity (in episode 713), but I think she was only his second girl. In my opinion he had sex for the first time in ep. 521 with Crystal. Watch the episode and you will agree with me. In episodes 904, 923 and 926 we learn that he had sex 4 times so far. I think the other 3 times were with Jamie (713), Dee Anna (725) and Amber (904). This fits with Bud's statement in ep. 717 ('You Can't Miss'), that he had sex twice so far. In ep. 1017 the counter's up to 6. Responsible for that are Ashley (1008) and Esmeralda (1013, not Fawn). In ep. 1021, Bud made love with Ariel, so altogether he had sex 7 times. He is still a virgin in episode 416 after all. Bud has hardly any friends. "Joey" is mentioned in some episodes (101, 217, 418). He shows up in 403, played by David Faustino's brother Michael Faustino. Sometimes some friends show up (320, 706), and he also manages to get some dates through the years. Bud wants to be the evil rapper "Grandmaster B" from 603 to 611. The character doesn't appear in ep. 110 and 525. David Faustino co-wrote the story of episode 1114 (T*R*A*S*H).

Confirmed Grandmaster B Malapropisms

Abdomenizer B (Bud, 0723)
Bass Master B (Al, 0604)
Bed Wetter B (Kelly, 0603)
Bellringer B (Kelly, 0607)
Buckminister B (Al, 0603)
Burgermeister B(Peggy, 0603)
Bushwacker B (Kelly, 0603)
Butt-wagger B (Kelly, 0616)
Court Jester B (Peggy, 0603)
Crossdresser B (Kelly, 0607)
Dustbuster B (Jill, 0603)
Gas-passer B (Al, 0604)
Ghostbuster B (Kelly, 0603)
Grand Bastard B (Kelly, 0614)
Grand Flasher B (Jill, 0603)
Grand Marshall B (Peggy, 0603)
Grandfather B (Al, 0604)
Grandma B (Kelly, 0603)
Grandmaster One (Bud, 0614)
Grandmaster Virgin (Kelly, 0616)
Grandpappy B (Kelly, 0607)
Grasshopper B (Al, 0604)
Grinchmaster B (TV Host, 0619)
Mixmaster B (Jill, 0603)
Thighmaster (Kelly, 0619)
Thumb Sucker B (Kelly, 0614)

Many thanks to "Access Denied", Sagy Neumann, StuartM, Christian Zelger, Anders Johansson and Konstantin Volkmann.

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