Casados con hijos (Argentinian Remake)

Last update February 7, 2009

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An Argentinian version premiered on April 12, 2005, on Telefe. It ended on December 28, 2006. It's called Casados con hijos - just like the Spanish name for the original version in South America and the name of the Colombian and Chilean remakes. It is one of the most successful remakes with 215 episodes. Also, the episodes seem to be around 30 minutes long. The series won the most important Argentinian TV award, the Martín Fierro Award 2005, for best comedy. Guillermo Francella and Florencia Peña won the awards for best leading actor and actress in a comedy, respectively. In 2006, Erica Rivas won a Martín Fierro Award for best supporting actress in a comedy.

The show also airs in Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru.

Original Character    Argentinian Character   Argentinian Actor
Al BundyPepe Argento  Guillermo Francella
Peggy BundyMoni ArgentoFlorencia Peña
Kelly BundyPaola ArgentoLuisana Lopilato
Bud BundyCoqui ArgentoDario Lopilato
BuckFatigaSome dog
Marcy RhoadesMaria Elena FusenecoErica Rivas
Steve RhoadesDardo FusenecoMarcelo de Bellis

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