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Last update April 22, 2007

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Bundyology is a non-official site about the sitcom Married... with Children. "I've... died and gone to Switzerland!" is a quote by Al from "The Agony of DeFeet" (422). It proves that I live in Bundy heaven. This privilege is an obligation to me to provide this site. On April 23, 1997 - six days after Fox's cancellation announcement - I started just with house plans and family trees. The rest you can find at Bundyology was constantly added. The entire site is always subject to corrections and annexations. I hope Bundyology can help to keep the world-wide interest on this great series alive. I also hope it airs as long as possible in as many countries as possible. Therefore Bundyology includes some MwC captures and dialogues as appetizers for the real deal.

Unlike its original text version called Dean Adams' Married.. with Children Program Guide, the illustrated Hypertext Program Guide is constantly updated as an episode-related database. I'd like to thank Dean for his great original text version, but he lost interest in keeping it up to date.

Nobody's perfect. One site's link to Bundyology even included the description "shitty layout". However, this site's design is based on the limitation of graphics for illustration and other information purposes. This curtailment is for your pleasure as I have more time for research and the pages are loaded faster. If you want to see graphics or animations, watch Married... with Children on TV! English is not my native language, so please excuse spelling or grammar errors. As a European I also prefer British to American English. Finally, Bundyology was not created for offline use, so some "back" links don't work offline. They should work on a local web server, though. Despite these limitations, I have an Awards page.

Dozens of contributors helped me to maintain this site. I'd like to thank all of them very much. However, eleven people merit special thanks as they provided me with a lot of Bundy-related material. In alphabetical order, that's Ade Bundy (uk), Carolyn Marie Crapo (us), Kerstin Laging (de) from the Sagal-lery, StuartM (uk), "Marriedaniac" (au) from her Macrocosm of Married with Children, Ralph Morse (us), Saggi Neumann (il), Alex de Rouck (be), "Trialism!" (it) from Alcyclopedia, Konstantin Volkmann and Joe Siegler. Also thanks to all the sites linking to me, especially Yahoo! and the Internet Movie Database. Finally, I'd like to thank all the people who sent me a comment about Bundyology.

Yes, I saw quite some Bundy-related sites come and go. Therefore I'm glad Tom Breton initiated the Bundy newsgroup alt.tv.mwc which didn't die after the cancellation of the show. It's a great forum for Bundy fans. I appreciate every other Bundy site on the internet too, as long as it's not just a copy of other sites. By December of 2005, about 3.5 million visits were counted at Bundyology. Currently over 2300 visitors a day show up here. The current approximate browser usage of all visitors without web crawlers is about 75% Internet Explorer, 20% Gecko (Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla), 2% Opera, 1% Safari, 2% Others.

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