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During the years, we saw a lot of the main locations of the show. Nevertheless, some things are inconsistent. E. g. in the inside of the Bundy house, it's not quite clear where Al's garage toilet is located. From episode 817 on, it's at the house wall towards the garden. Originally, Al built it on the other side of the door to the living room (episode 305, 515). In episode 409 it isn't there at all.

It's easy to fit the Rhoades/D'Arcy living room and kitchen into the house outline on the plan. But when you watch out of the front-door, you can see a wall with a window, where the plan of episode 816 shows nothing. Maybe it's a shack. The situation on this corner of the Rhoades/D'Arcy house is very unclear. Also, their driveway from 1101 and the outside view from 0912 doesn't match this plan.

Here is my suggestion to the locations on 9764 and 9766 Jeopardy:

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